Top 10 Best OTT Services and OTT Platforms in 2024

A conclusive list of the best streaming services and the OTT platforms you can use to create your own, with features, pricing, and descriptions included.

Entertainment is largely delivered through video and has been for decades. It’s still the next best option other than seeing something in person, which explains the popularity of video as a media format. How that video is delivered has changed a lot over the years, from television broadcasts to VHS, DVDs, and whatever the path of least resistance is for the consumer.  

People look for everything from their news, entertainment, sports, and even their healthcare on the internet. It’s not very surprising that video would start being delivered — or “streamed” — this way too. This spawned the OTT platforms market, driven by businesses capitalising on the growing demand for online video content and their need to supply it.

The over-the-top (OTT) video market is still growing, estimated to reach revenues of $325.40 billion in 2024. A large portion of this market includes businesses that are building brand awareness and increasing engagement with their customers through OTT video.

What we can learn from the growing trend of businesses capitalising on video, is that it works. People are increasingly exposed to video content through social media to keep them hooked on these platforms. Businesses can benefit from OTT video to increase engagement in the same way.  

Choosing the right OTT service provider to suit your organisation's needs is a challenge, especially with many of these companies offering similar services.

In this guide, we cover exactly what OTT streaming is, then cover 10 of the best OTT streaming services people use to watch content. Finally, we compare the top 10 best OTT platforms that broadcasters and other businesses are using to deliver and monetise their video content libraries. These platforms are suitable for broadcasters, content owners, news channels, sports organisations, retailers, and healthcare providers.

Included in this list of the best OTT platforms are, Simplestream, JW Player, Vimeo OTT, Brightcove, and much more.

What are OTT streaming services?  

A living room scene showing a TV with an OTT streaming service on screen, similar to those powered by Simplestream's OTT platform

Firstly, OTT means “over-the-top”, which refers to the way that media content is delivered.

OTT video content is delivered over the internet rather than through cable or satellite, bypassing a lot of the expensive equipment usually required. This is also why it’s referred to as going “over-the-top” of these traditional broadcasting methods. Media content tends to be delivered this way as it’s more cost-effective.

OTT streaming services are usually accessed through websites and apps. Viewers can watch their favourite video content by “streaming” it to their internet-connected device. Some of these devices include Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and game consoles.

As OTT streaming services deliver their content by streaming it to devices over the internet, monetisation and secure access is key. Most streaming services will only allow paying customers to access their content, usually gating it by using a monetisation method to allow viewers access. These can include:

AVOD: Advertising-based video on demand utilises ads to monetise the content, either allowing users to access content for free or by offering a cheaper ad-supported subscription option.

SVOD: Subscription-based video-on-demand uses subscriptions to monetise content. Users can access content for a monthly or annual fee, some services offer a cheaper ad-supported subscription tier.

TVOD: Transactional video-on-demand uses individual transactions to monetise content. Users can access individual content titles for a fee, either permanently when buying or temporarily when renting.

HVOD: Hybrid video-on-demand uses a mixture of multiple monetisation methods to allow access to content. An emerging trend for this monetisation model is combining ad-supported and subscription models, however, there are multiple combinations available.

What consumers think about streaming services

The Consumers in the Modern Age Playbook open on a table, showing stats about OTT services from consumer research

We conducted a survey of consumers in the UK in 2023, asking a sample audience of self-defined end-users what they thought about streaming services including pricing, content, and privacy. The results of this survey found the following:

  • Over half of UK consumers choose to watch on Smart TV more than any other device. (55.81% - taken from the Consumers in the Modern Age research playbook)
  • 23.5% of viewers aged 18-29 make extensive use of smartphone devices to watch video content.
  • 68% of consumers in the UK are subscribed to 1-3 OTT streaming services.
  • YouTube is the most utilised free streaming platform. (54.9% of viewers)
  • 61% of those aged 18-29 are planning to subscribe to additional OTT streaming services in 2024.
  • Over 57% of consumers aged 18-65 said that a cheaper or free-to-access ad-supported pricing tier would stop them from unsubscribing to an OTT streaming service.
  • 56.81% of consumers believe that £5 – £9.99 is a reasonable pricing bracket for a sports streaming service.
  • Over half of consumers believe that £5 – £9.99 is a reasonable pricing bracket for Sport, Entertainment, Educational, and Lifestyle OTT streaming services. (56.81% Sport, 56.48% Entertainment, 68.77% Educational & Lifestyle)

Through our research, we found that consumers are increasingly price-sensitive, likely due to the current financial climate and the so-called ‘subscription fatigue. However, the appetite for content is still high, with demand for hybrid monetisation models increasing to serve content that is cost-effective for both consumers, and the companies running OTT streaming services. Find out more in the report.

Top 10 best streaming services in 2024

OTT for broadcasters and new channels, showing a television studio with multiple cameras

The variety of OTT video streaming services available today is increasingly diverse. In recent years there’s been a move by many companies to create their own OTT streaming service instead of selling the rights for their content to a third party.

Going direct-to-consumer (D2C) has certainly driven a lot of growth in the number of streaming services available to viewers, which has now seen far more niche services pop up alongside general services. Services are offering live and on demand content, with most broken up by the type of content they offer, whether that’s entertainment, sports, lifestyle or educational content.

Taken from our consumer research, we’ll list the 10 most popular streaming services available today in the UK.

#1 Netflix

The most popular OTT streaming service, Netflix logo on the side of a building, set against a blue sky.

If we asked you to think of a streaming service, this is likely the first name to pop into your mind, even though this company started as a DVD rental service.

Netflix has been around since the days of Blockbuster, and it was their investment in OTT streaming technology that made them the household name they are today. Offering over 5000+ movies and 2,500+ series across nearly every genre, the brand boasts one of the best stocked content libraries. Also offering exclusive titles produced in-house, which attract many to the service. These have included titles such as The Crown, Squid Game, Stranger Things, and Money Heist.

Pricing ranges from £4.99 per month (with ads) to £17.99+ for premium accounts with no ads. They also offer extra member slots which can be added to an account at £4.99 each. Check with the service directly for the latest pricing.

#2 Amazon Prime Video

The second most popular OTT streaming service, Prime Video

Amazon offers products delivered to your door, usually within a day or less through its famed Prime service. However, they also offer subscribers access to their OTT streaming service.

Since the launch of Prime in 2007, Amazon has expanded the Prime Video service to offer thousands of movies and series and followed the Netflix model of creating its own exclusive content only available through their OTT service. Lauded titles include The Boys, Clarkson’s Farm, alongside Blockbusters like Air and Creed III.

Pricing starts from £8.99 per month or £95 per year, with student memberships available from £4.49 per month or £47.39 per year with ads. Amazon will soon be offering ad-free subscriptions for an additional £2.99 per month.

Check with the service directly for the latest pricing.

#3 YouTube

The YouTube OTT streaming service app on a phone screen

YouTube might not be the first to come to mind when thinking about OTT streaming services, however, it was one of the first platforms to offer video content on demand.

It’s the second largest search engine in the world that offers creators a platform to host their content for free. Most of this content is also premium content. Challenging the idea that premium content must be gated, YouTube operates predominantly on an ad-supported model where viewers can access most of the content for free.

The platform also offers viewers a subscription — YouTube Premium — to remove all advertising from £12.99 to £19.99 per month. Check with the service directly for the latest pricing.

#4 BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer launched in 2007 as the British Broadcasting Service’ video on demand service.

The streaming service offers all the broadcasters programming on demand to TV license-paying residents in the UK. Viewers can choose from over 2000 hours of premium quality programming. More than just a streaming service, the platform allows viewers to catch up on any programmes shown on BBC TV channels from the past 30 days.

The service is available for free to all UK residents that pay for a TV license. Licenses are £159 a year. For the latest pricing, check here.

#5 Disney+

The Disney+ OTT service logo and content titles

Later to the market than most but sparking a wave of rights holders launching their own OTT streaming services, Disney+ launched in 2019 in the US and 2020 in the UK.

Viewers can access movies and series from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, The Simpsons, and National Geographic. Disney+ replaced the Disney life OTT streaming service which originally launched in 2015 in the UK.

Monthly prices start at £4.99 for the ad-supported subscription, £10.99 for standard, and £10.99 for premium. Annual subscriptions are available for £79.90 standard or £109.90 premium. Check with the service directly for the latest pricing.


The ITVX OTT service logo

The newest platform on this list, ITVX is the online hub for all ITV content.

Offering over 10,000 hours of premium content, the OTT video streaming service includes content past and present from ITV channels alongside blockbuster movies. There’s a free to access ad-supported tier and a subscription option which removes all ads and grants access to an additional streaming service, BritBox.

Viewers can access ITVX for free with ads, or subscriptions start at £5.99 per month, or £59.99 annually. Check with the service directly for the latest pricing.

#7 Channel 4

The broadcaster's OTT service home screen, Channel 4

Channel 4 is another UK broadcaster which offers their content to stream on demand.

Originally launching as 4oD in 2006, Channel 4 now provides over 14,000 hours of content to stream on its OTT streaming service. Viewers watch their premium programming for free with advertising or pay for a subscription to remove it.

Subscriptions are £3.99 per month or £39.99 annually. Check with the service directly for the latest pricing.

#8 Apple TV+

The Apple TV+ OTT service on multiple devices, including mobile, tablet and CTV

The streaming service offered by the creators of the iPhone, and much more.

Apple TV+ launched in 2019, featuring Apple Originals including series, documentaries, kids’ entertainment, and movies. Some of their most successful and recognisable titles include Ted Lasso and The Morning Show.

Pricing starts from £8.99 per month. Check with the service directly for the latest pricing.

#9 TNT Sports (formerly BT Sports)

The TNT Sports OTT service logo with sports people beneath

What was known as BT Sports, TNT Sports offers key sporting events available to stream.

Originally launched in 2013 as BT Sports before becoming TNT Sports in 2023 following its acquisition by Warner Bros Discovery. The sports streaming service includes the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europe League, UEFA Conference League, Gallagher Premiership Rugby, Investec Champions Cup, EPCR Challenge Cup, Cricket, UFC, MotoGP, Boxing and WWE. The content can be accessed through the Discovery+ app.

Pricing starts from £18 per month for limited access to sporting events, to £65+ for all sporting events available on the service. Check with the service directly for the latest pricing.

#10 Paramount+

The Paramount+ OTT service sign up screen

Paramount+ allows viewers to stream premium programming from renowned brands and production studios including CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures and Smithsonian Channel.

Launching in 2021, the OTT streaming service is home to 30,000 episodes, and 300 movie titles as well as every CBS Sports event.

Subscriptions are available for £6.99 per month. Check with the service directly for the latest pricing.

What are OTT platforms?

OTT platform created by Simplestream, showing apps available on App Platform

They are used by broadcasters, content owners, and sports organisations to distribute their content. An OTT platform provides the technology for content providers to manage and deliver their content over the internet to viewers' devices, usually through a streaming service.

Many of these OTT platforms will offer the capability to handle on demand content and live streams, with some also offering the ability to repurpose content and create FAST or Virtual channels. Pricing for these platforms varies depending on the capabilities required, which can be from £20 per month to £5000+.

Creating an OTT streaming service that lives up to the standards of Netflix or Disney+ is extremely challenging without an experienced technology partner. An OTT platform is only as good as the technology stack that powers it, so it’s important to address this when choosing one.

What you need to know when choosing an OTT platform

There’s a plethora of professional OTT platforms on the market these days, so choosing one can be difficult. Deciding which is best depends on your requirements and which features will help you deliver your content. These can include:

  1. Video library management/video CMS
  2. Video stream delivery
  3. Video monetisation/monetization
  4. Managed services
  5. Reliable content delivery with a video CDN
  6. Broadcast quality live streaming
  7. Third-party compatibility and API access for integration
  8. Streaming video data analytics
  9. Online video hosting
  10. DRM (Digital Rights Management)
  11. Comprehensive security tools
  12. Video encryption and decryption
  13. Live stream and on-demand content syndication (VOD syndication)
  14. White-label platform
  15. User-friendliness
  16. Time-to-market

Ensuring your video reaches your audience should be top of your priorities list, which means choosing a reliable OTT platform first and foremost. Integration and migration capabilities are often overlooked when content providers look at OTT platforms, but this can help with decreasing the time required for set up and reduce cost significantly too.

Whether you have a video content management system (CMS) or require one will also mean deciding between an OTT platform that includes a CMS or can integrate agnostically with a third-party CMS. Media Manager provides a flexible modular system which functions either as an end-to-end OTT service management solution or as middleware with multiple integration options. Featuring a video CMS and online video player, alongside multiple other modules which can be enabled or disabled.

The best OTT platforms should provide global delivery through a robust content delivery network (CDN) as standard. This means your customers have a seamless and low-latency experience when streaming your content, regardless of their geographical location. Adaptive bitrate streaming should feature in your OTT platform of choice, which means that viewers won’t experience excessive buffering if their internet speed varies. The bitrate of the stream will automatically adjust depending on the quality of the viewers internet connection, so the stream won’t stop.

Monetisation tools are an essential feature that most OTT platforms offer. As detailed in our research, we’ve found that consumers are becoming more price sensitive when it comes to their streaming services. Having multiple options for monetising your content could be an advantage should you want to provide a hybrid monetisation model to customers, such as a cheaper ad-supported subscription tier.

Top 10 OTT Platforms in 2024

The best OTT platform is the one which fits the requirements of your business. Multiple platforms share similar features and capabilities, so we’ve compiled a list of the best in their class for features and capabilities.

Sports organisations might require live streaming and pay-per-view monetisation as a must, whereas a content owner looking to create a children’s content streaming service might not need these features.

It’s not only the features and capabilities that decide which is the best platform for your business, but also the size of your business. Enterprises might have larger budgets than smaller to medium-sized businesses, so this list will take this into account too.

Let’s get into the list of the top 10 best OTT platforms available today.

#1 Simplestream

#2 Kaltura

#3 Brightcove

#4 IBM Cloud Video

#5 Wowza

#6 Vidyard

#7 SproutVideo

#8 Vimeo OTT

#9 JW Player

#10 DaCast

#1 Simplestream

Simplestream's award-winning OTT platform and apps across mobile, tablet, web, and connected TV (CTV)

Simplestream provides a range of fully managed OTT services which are trusted globally by broadcasters, news channels, sports organisations, and teleshopping channels. The company offers everything needed to succeed in over-the-top and online video hosting and delivery.

Simplestream is a full OTT streaming platform which features everything from a secure modular video service platform and CMS to a complete range of proven applications, alongside a broadcast quality Channel Studio to transform VOD assets into virtual channels. Sports Video Platform provides the perfect solution for sports organisations to launch their own OTT service and apps within a matter of weeks, with 24/7 support available in partnership with Globecast.

Key Features

  • Out-of-the-box service with branding customisation
  • Multiple monetisation tools (SVOD, AVOD, TVOD/pay-per-view, and HVOD)
  • Built-in CMS
  • Full middleware, integration and API capabilities
  • Supports Live and on-demand (VOD) video content.
  • Simple and intuitive dashboard for hosting, managing, and distributing video assets
  • Can operate as middleware with multiple third-party integrations (API access)
  • Integrated data analytics module
  • CDN and online video player agnostic – bring your own option
  • CRM integration available
  • Top-tier CDNs providing reliable global content delivery
  • User account and authentication
  • RTMP, HLS, or SRT source compatible for live streaming
  • Live streaming with redundancy and failover options
  • Combine live and on demand content in the same schedule
  • Automated workflows for repurposing video content
  • Fully-managed services

Business level

Simplestream caters for small to large enterprise-level businesses and above.


  • Fully managed services
  • Customisable products and solutions
  • Advanced security features
  • Account management
  • Secure encoding and transcoding
  • Multiple monetisation models
  • Multi-bitrate and adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Manage and categorise video content by metadata
  • Integrated real-time analytics and reporting tools
  • Live stream and VOD hosting and management
  • Integrated data analytics and security tools
  • Multiple existing integrations are available
  • Supports both client and server-side ad insertion
  • DRM for VOD
  • Customisable branding and colours


  • Not suitable for companies that want a completely white-label solution

Guidelines and specifications

  • Minimum dimensions: None
  • Maximum dimensions: 1080p or 4K (depending on the user’s hardware and internet)
  • Video aspect ratio: 16:9 or 4:3 (with inserted black bars)
  • Maximum file size: None
  • Maximum video length: None
  • Total file storage: Unlimited
  • Compatible video formats: MP4 (preferred), MOV, M4V, AVI, AV1, AVC-Intra, AVC, HEVC, MOEG-2, Apple ProRes, MPG, WMV, MKV, OGV, MXF, VC-3, VP8, VP9, XAVC


Flexible and tailored pricing is available upon request, with multiple pricing plans available. Get in touch for more information.

Clients and case studies

Ranging from broadcasters, sports, news, teleshopping and publishing, Simplestream’s clients include:

Channel 4, CBS, PBS America, GAA GO, Telus, GB News, UKTV, TVSN, QVC, and many more are available on the client stories page.


  • Media Manager – Secure, modular video service platform, middleware and CMS
  • App Platform – White-label customisable apps for the most popular devices
  • Channel Studio – Virtual and FAST channel creation, scheduling, monetisation and distribution
  • Sports Video Platform – The leading platform for sports organisations to launch a secure and scalable streaming service with 24/7 support

Additionally, Simplestream offers cost-effective and extremely efficient Migration Services to broadcasters who want to switch their services with no downtime.

#2 Kaltura

The Kaltura education video-focused solution

Kaltura is an open-source platform geared towards education organisations. It’s great for companies that require a highly customisable OTT service for hosting their video libraries, however, that also makes it more complex than most other platforms. The open-source nature of the platform makes it more accessible to create custom add-ons that integrate directly with the platform, but this would also require an in-house development team.

Key Features

  • White label platform  
  • Monetisation options
  • CMS
  • User accounts
  • Numerous integrations
  • Supports live and on-demand video content


  • Customisable
  • Integrations with other platforms
  • Multiple features
  • Analytics and reporting


  • Complex platform
  • “Pay as you go” can make it an expensive option
  • Slow response times for support
  • Not well-suited to multiple business levels
  • Steep learning curve for users

Guidelines and specifications

  • Minimum dimensions: 180p (320 x 180)
  • Maximum dimensions: 1080p (1920 x 1080)
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9, 4:3
  • Maximum file size: 2GB
  • Maximum video length: Not available
  • Total file storage: 10GB to Unlimited (pay-as-you-go plan)
  • Compatible video formats: MOV, MP4


Kaltura offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Get in touch with their sales team for a quote.

Clients and case studies

Kaltura has clients from many sectors, including Padua University and Entel. Find out more here.

#3 Brightcove

Brightcove Cloud Playout Solution for OTT services

A trusted OTT video platform, Brightcove provides a full end-to-end service. Usually favoured for their video hosting, they offer a range of solutions for businesses to deliver OTT services. Catering predominantly to enterprise-level businesses, the platform has several features such as multi-bitrate streaming, video API, and monetisation options.

Key Features

  • CDNs to provide global content delivery
  • Integrations with video API
  • Multi-bitrate and adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Basic tech support
  • Multiple monetisation options
  • Security features


  • CRM integration
  • Modular with integration options
  • A range of broadcast features
  • Custom video player landing pages
  • Broadcasting
  • Analytics and reporting


  • Expensive pricing
  • Not the most user-friendly interface
  • No China video delivery
  • Not suitable for small companies

Guidelines and specifications

  • Minimum dimensions: None
  • Maximum dimensions: Determined by user
  • Aspect ratio: No restrictions (Brightcove uses a responsive player)
  • Maximum file size: No limits on file size
  • Maximum video length: Unknown
  • Total file storage: Varies by plan
  • Compatible video formats: MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, WMV, MKV, 3GPP


Brightcove doesn’t offer any pricing plans. You need to get in touch with their sales team to discuss the pricing of their products and solutions.

Clients and case studies

Brightcove works with several large companies across a range of sectors, including the likes of SXSW, Xero, and Wendy’s. Check out some of their customer stories.

#4 IBM Cloud Video

IBM Cloud Video for OTT services with no monetisation

IBM has its own OTT platform, which is IBM Cloud Video. The platform offers video hosting for live and on-demand content. Although it offers monetisation options, these are not entirely clear on the website. IBM Cloud Video provides AI-driven deep video search, live events, and video distribution.

Key Features

  • Global audience reach with a multi-CDN network
  • AI automation of live stream captioning and video search
  • Security features
  • Video distribution and workflow
  • Customisable video portal and microsite options


  • Suitable for business use
  • Customer support
  • Hong Kong video hosting


  • Extra fees for high-resolution streaming
  • Information on monetisation is limited
  • Limited tools for accessibility (minimal support as closed captioning is automated)

Guidelines and specifications

  • Minimum dimensions: 480p (480 x 270)
  • Maximum dimensions:  4K (3840 x 2160)
  • Aspect ratio: No information published
  • Maximum file size: 4 GB
  • Maximum video length: No published limits
  • Total file storage: 1TB – 5TB (depending on plan)
  • Compatible video formats: MKV, MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, WMV, MPEG2, H264, H263, MPEG4, VP6, VP8, THEORA, WMV, MP3, AAC-LC, NELLYMOSER, PCM, SPEEX, VORBIS, WMA


IBM Cloud Video pricing plans range from $99 to $1299+ per month and include the following:

Silver: $129/month

Gold: $649/month

Platinum: $1299/month

Custom: Contact IBM Cloud video for custom plan pricing and payment plans.

Clients and case studies

IBM works with some large companies in different sectors, including AirBnb, Sony, Mazda, and BBC America. You can find their case studies here.

#5 Wowza

Wowza is a proficient OTT platform designed for professional broadcasting purposes. It empowers broadcasters to create personalised streaming workflows through the incorporation of third-party integrations, APIs, and advanced features.

One notable limitation of this OTT service is its lack of support for video monetization, rendering it unsuitable for businesses seeking revenue generation through streaming. Nevertheless, Wowza proves to be well-suited for internal business applications, though it may not be the ideal choice for a streaming-as-a-service provider. Despite this, it can be effectively employed for marketing activities such as live-streaming product launches, interactive sessions between customers and your team, and more.

Key Features

  • Supports live streaming and VOD
  • Cloud transcoding
  • API access
  • Customer support
  • White-label video player
  • Streaming for all devices with an HTML5 player


  • Suitable for internal business-use, and non-monetised distribution
  • Automatic archiving
  • Multiple security options
  • Supports 4K Ultra HD streaming  


  • No options for video monetisation
  • No video data analytics tools  

Guidelines and specifications

  • Minimum dimensions: 240p (320 x 240)
  • Maximum dimensions: 4K (3840 x 2160)
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9, 4:3
  • Maximum file size: Unavailable
  • Maximum video length: Unavailable
  • Total file storage: 250 GB (depending on plan)
  • Compatible video formats: MP4, MP3, FLV, SMIL, ID3, NGRP, AMLST


Wowza Streaming Cloud offers several pricing plans and services. Monthly live events plans include:

  • Pay As You Go: $25/month, with a 3-month minimum; flexible OTT streaming with low startup costs
  • One Month of Streaming: $149 one-time purchase; includes 15 hours of live streaming and 500 viewing hours also at 720p
  • Enterprise: You can customize the plan according to your requirements for a custom price.

All the plans reflect rates when paid monthly and include full brand control, multi-bitrate streaming, and HD and UHD (4K) streaming.

Wowza Streaming Engine has separate pricing plans. These plans are billed annually:

  • Basic: $195/month + $195/month for each additional instance
  • One Month of Streaming: $295 one-time purchase + $295/month for each additional instance
  • Enterprise: Contact Wowza directly for access to their custom high-volume enterprise solutions.

Clients and case studies

Wowza’s clients are in a variety of sectors, and include Sport TV, ConveneAGM, and LIVID.

#6. Vidyard

The Vidyard OTT platform showing the sharing capability.

Vidyard offers an OTT platform designed for businesses to market and sell products and services. The platform offers multiple tools to maximise audience reach and engagement for businesses to generate qualified leads. One of the newest additions to the platform is video messaging, which allows sales teams to create and send personalised video messages to prospects across email and social media.

The only limitation with Vidyard is that the platform is solely focused on business use, therefore it wouldn’t be suitable for a business looking to distribute and monetise content.

Key Features

  • Viewer engagement tools
  • Marketing tools (lead generation, email capture, and SEO)
  • Video content management
  • Robust security


  • Automatic SEO optimisation for video
  • Sales and marketing focused video tools
  • Video analytics


  • Niche platform that only caters to specific use cases
  • Only suitable for business use

Guidelines and specifications

  • Minimum dimensions: 360p (480 x 360)
  • Maximum dimensions: 4K (3840 x 2160)
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9, 4:3
  • Maximum file size: 5GB to 16GB (depending on plan)
  • Maximum video length: 1 hour live stream
  • Total file storage: Not available
  • Compatible video formats: MP4, MKV, MOV, WEBM


Vidyard offers four pricing plan tiers. All plans are billed annually or monthly, with the following offered when billed annually:

Free – $0/month

Pro – $19/month

Plus – $59/month

Business – Custom pricing

For more information, take a look at Vidyard’s pricing plans.

Clients and case studies

As Vidyard predominantly offers an OTT solution catered to businesses their clients include, LinkedIn, Marketo, Microsoft, and more.

#7 SproutVideo

SproutVideo logo

SproutVideo are a US-based company that offers a business-oriented OTT platform. The platform supports both live and on demand content with several tools for marketing available.

Key Features

  • White-label HTML5 video player
  • API access
  • Supports both VOD and live stream hosting
  • Custom video portals
  • Multiple marketing tools


  • Video player customisation
  • Video analytics


  • Desirable features only available on most expensive plans

Guidelines and specifications

  • Minimum dimensions: None
  • Maximum dimensions: None
  • Aspect ratios: Any
  • Maximum file size: Up to 100 GB
  • Maximum video length: Unlimited
  • Total file storage: 500 GB
  • Compatible video formats: MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, 3GPP


SproutVideo offer several pricing plan tiers, including:

  • Seed: $10/month
  • Sprout: $35/month
  • Tree: $75/month
  • Forest: $295/month

Clients and case studies

Covering a variety of sectors predominantly for business purposes, SproutVideo’s clients include Siemens, FedEx, and WeWork.

#8 Vimeo OTT

Vimeo provides a starter OTT platform that allows customers to broadcast live and on demand content via the web. The key issue with using Vimeo is that the apps on offer are white label, so it’s easy to tell when an OTT service is created using the platform, even with customised branding.

Key Features

  • White-label apps
  • Customer support
  • Live streaming with auto-archive
  • Monetisation tools
  • Video data analytics


  • Brand customisation
  • Tools for audience engagement
  • Simple service


  • White label service with minimal customisation available
  • Not many features available
  • Mainly targeted at content creators rather than large enterprises

Guidelines and specifications

  • Minimum dimensions: 360p (480x360)
  • Maximum dimensions: 1080p (1920x1080) on branded apps or 4K (3840 x 2160) on web
  • Aspect ratios: Any
  • Maximum file size: Up to 250 GB
  • Maximum video length: Up to 1 hour (with free plan)Total file storage: Unkown  
  • Compatible video formats: MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV


Vimeo OTT offers two pricing plans, Starter and Enterprise.

Starter plans are free with no monthly fees, however, when monetising the service $1 per subscriber is charged or around 10% of each one-time purchase or rental. The starter plan only offers a website with no apps.

Enterprise plans require prospects to get in touch with the Vimeo OTT sales team for pricing. These plans offer branded apps and extra features such as API support, however some features require further payment.

Find out more about Vimeo OTT pricing on their website, here.

Clients and case studies

Vimeo OTT has several customers from different sectors, these include MTNTOUGH, KonMari, and True Royalty TV.

#9 JW Player

JW Player video player for OTT services

JW Player is perhaps one of the most renowned video players on the market, offering integrations for numerous OTT platforms. The OTT platform offers both live and VOD streaming alongside powerful digital rights management tools that keep your content secure. The platform also has integrations to provide AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD monetisation models.

Key Features

  • Reliable video player
  • API access
  • Multi and adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Monetisation tools
  • Social media integrations


  • Simple user interface
  • Engagement tools and integrations
  • API access across all plans


  • Mainly optimised to support advertising as a monetisation method

Guidelines and specifications

  • Minimum dimensions: 360p (640x360)
  • Maximum dimensions: 1080p (1920x1080)
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9, 4:3, 2.39:1
  • Max video length: Unavailable
  • Max file size: 25GB
  • Total file storage: 25GB to 500GB (depending on the plan)
  • Compatible video formats: MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV


JW Player offer a free trial to test out their service. No pricing is listed on on their website, but they do split their individual plans as follows:

Stream provides video delivery, asset management, instant live, and broadcast live.

Play provides an HTML5 player, cloud hosting, mobile SDKs, OTT apps.

Engage provides realtime analytics, custom reports, recommendations, and article matching.

Monetize provides ad insertion, outstream ads, player bidding, and studio DRM.

For individual plan pricing, and enterprise plans, you need to contact their sales team.

Clients and case studies

JW Player supports several sectors of business with their video, including TAG Heuer, Classplus, StreamSport Ireland, and many more.

#10 DaCast

DaCast OTT platform on a computer screen

DaCast is an OTT platform that supports the streaming of both live and on demand content. The platform offers businesses a wide range of features and a simple user interface, however the number of features can lengthen the learning process with the self-service platform, which can result in a longer time to market. DaCast is primarily focused on live streaming support.

Key Features

  • White-label platform
  • Monetisation tools
  • Zoom live streaming integration
  • Security tools
  • Global content delivery
  • API access


  • Brand customisation
  • Live stream from mobile devices
  • Real-time data analytics
  • Hosts both live and on demand video


  • Primarily focused on live stream support
  • Limited API access

Guidelines and specifications

  • Minimum dimensions: None
  • Maximum dimensions: 1080p or 4K
  • Video aspect ratio: No restrictions
  • Max file size: None
  • Max video length: None
  • Total file storage: 10-1000GB (depending on plan)
  • Compatible video formats: MP4, MOV, M4V, M2V, AVI, MPG, FLV, WMV, MKV, WEBM, OGV, MXF, ASF, VOB, MTS


DaCast offer a range of live streaming plans, including:

Starter Plan: $39/month (includes 1,000 GB of bandwidth & 50 GB of storage)

Event Plan: $63/month (includes 6 TB of bandwidth and 50 GB of storage)

Scale Plan: $165/month (includes 24 TB of bandwidth per year and 2 TB of storage)

They also offer custom plans for any requirements outside of their listed plans. You can begin with their free 14-day trial that comes with a limit of 10GB of bandwidth to test out the platform.  

Clients and case studies

DaCast caters to a range of business sectors, including education, entertainment and faith. Their customers include BigTrendsDaily, ComeSeeTV, and Top Golf.

In Conclusion

Our research conducted over the past year shows that over 70% of people aged 18 to 65 are choosing to watch content delivered via OTT platforms in the UK alone. Broadcasters and sports brands should be delivering their content online through OTT services to access this portion of the market.

Delivering content online can be simple with the right online video or OTT platform to help you manage, monetise and distribute your content to either your own or a third-party streaming service.

Comparing OTT platform providers can be tough and time-consuming, especially as it eats into your potential time to market. One of the first things to consider is how much experience a platform provider has in your sector or vertical, which could reduce the time taken for you to get to market.

Simplestream offers demos of all our products and services, which allows you to test our OTT platform before deciding. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we could help you broadcast and monetise your content OTT.