Live Events

Schedule, promote, manage, deliver, and monetise live events with ease. Automatic multi-platform delivery. Schedule multi-territory, multi-language events, with full control.


Self-service scheduling

Live event scheduling, in a cloud-based, centralised management platform.

Full control of your live event schedule with a clear view of all events - whether upcoming, starting soon, on air, or recently ended.

Variety of scheduling types - Schedule single pop up, series, sequential, and concurrent live events.

Cross platform scheduling - Schedule and update event details once for all platforms. Add event details, and metadata including - title, subtitle, description, venue, times, country information, custom artwork, entitlements, and stream feed.

Automatic localisation - Display of dates and times in the end user's physical time zone, with automatic in-app countdown timer and transition to live.

Short notice event setup - Set up one-off and pop-up live events at short notice as well as changing start and end times to flexibly change with the live events or cancel upcoming events with messaging to the user.

Flexible Video Source Management

Stream what you like

We provide seamless facilitation of your live event workflow.

Multiple stream sources and formats? No problem! Truly source agnostic, we can ingest the live stream from almost anywhere, including RTMP, RTP, SRT or a pre-encoded HLS stream.

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No ticket, no entry!

Restrict the number of devices or streams per user account with Device Limitations.

Full control of your regional rights: with our Geo Security, clear your event for exclusive streaming, only in the territories you choose.

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Centralised event management

Manage your live events from the Media Manager Events module. Control your stream source easily through our intuitive UI. Monitor multiple events from a single control interface. Realtime access to extend or reduce the running time.

Through our insights and analytics integrations, see how well your live event is performing. Maximise your return through data-led improvements to understand how you can keep your audience engaged, and continually improve your offering.


One-stop event monetisation solution

Maximise revenue for your live event with our wide range of monetisation options.

Deliver Pay-Per-View (PPV), subscription (SVOD).

Flexible Purchase Options - Use our entitlements system to decide how much you want to charge for an event.

We can flexibly pre-assign your appropriate audience viewing package, allowing your users to access the content they are entitled to as part of their specific package.  

Even supporting one-off purchases (via Recurly) is made simple with our Live Events module, meaning your users can make single purchases with or without a subscription.

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Multiple concurrent events, at scale

Stream at scale - Stream, manage and monitor live events concurrently.

Meet demand - Our network of autoscaling cloud-based encoders can spin up to handle any level of live event demand, allowing you to maximise your audience, deliver on every ticket sold, and leave no ‘money on the table’.


Event streaming made easy

Simplestream’s App Platform: powered by the live events module in Media Manager, delivers a consistent user interface available across all App Platform devices.

The Live2VOD service can automatically capture your live event, making it available for instant remonetisation, or delivering instant replays so that your audience can instantly relive the action!

Post-event you can easily link through to VOD content from the live event, allowing your end-users to easily find content to catch up on any missed live events.


In-app promotion

Promote your event or event series with dynamic cross-platform event posters - with automatic localisation, display dates and times in each viewers’ physical time zone and target language.

Dynamic event posters feature automatic countdown timers that transition to live – once the main event begins.

Send audience event reminders and notifications as the event approaches and unfolds.

A high-quality Pop-Up Promotional overlay can be triggered on app startup or at other optimal user navigation flow points to prominently advertise your event (or event series) - complete with deep links (supported by the Simplestream Deep Link Schema) to trailers and In-App purchase options.

Control and target your event promotion via a full range of metrics.