Engage, monetise, and capitalise. Use all available avenues to increase your revenues: ad-supported, subscription, transactional, or hybrid solutions, we deliver highly responsive, simple-to-navigate workflows, integrated with over 30 payment gateways.


Subscription video-on-demand

SVOD models allow you to generate revenue directly from your viewers’ subscription fees. Similar to traditional TV packages, subscriptions allow users to consume as much content as they desire, for a flat rate. The frequency of billing can be monthly, annual or customised to your business needs.


Advertising video-on-demand

Place ads before, during, or after your content. The AVOD model, unlike any other, is free to consumers.  You can generate revenue when your users utilise your service by including ads in the content, and in return, your users watch the content for free. One key benefit to this model is that there are virtually zero barriers to entry for your users.


Transactional video-on-demand

This model allows end-users to pay for a single piece of content, either through a purchase, or a rental. TVOD can provide rights holders with enhanced revenue streams and gives consumers timely access to new content. This type of model is usually used alongside another such as SVOD or AVOD to offer premium or newer content to viewers as a purchase or rental.

Insights & Analytics

Data analytics to enhance your OTT performance

Understanding audience behaviour and viewing habits are pivotal to monetising your OTT service successfully. What is your most popular title? What content is performing well? These are just some of the questions you can answer with our insights and analytics integration. To be able to make the correct decision for your monetisation model, you need audience data to build your understanding.

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Pack Presentation

Present subscription plans and pay-per-view options with ease

Give your viewers a simple and clear UI when presenting your subscription and pay-per-view options in-app. Making the presentation of your pack simple can be very effective when your viewers are looking to purchase or subscribe. Simplestream’s design-first approach to developing applications means you get a tried and tested set of applications with App Platform.

Supporting over 30+ payment gateways to bring you seamless integration with your existing or future billing system. There is also the option to integrate discount codes as part of in-app purchase flows.

User entitlements are covered, meaning that your users are only presented with the content they can access with their subscription or purchase.

In-app Purchases

Keep users engaged when purchasing content

Lower the risk of ‘basket abandonment’ by keeping your audience engaged in your applications. In-app purchases keep the user in the application for the whole purchase process, providing a seamless customer journey. Simplestream facilitates numerous in-app monetisation options including on-demand content rental, content purchase (TVOD), and pay-per-view live event access, all in your customer’s local currency and pricing category.

Our pricing tier system makes it simple to adjust pricing for numerous titles at once. For example, if you had assigned 35 movies to ‘tier one’ but wanted to adjust pricing for these, this would mean updating the pricing assigned to that tier rather than each individual title. This makes the price adjustment process simpler and more efficient.


Increase your revenue with ads

The options are almost limitless when it comes to your advertising model, whether you’re going fully ad-supported or for a hybrid model.

Fully-ad supported models (AVOD) mean that your customers do not pay anything to use your service. With no options to subscribe, this is a plug-and-play solution to your OTT revolution. Make your service free, no login or registration is required.

Freemium services are a slightly more recent concept. Provide viewers with the option to access content by creating a free account but it will be ad-supported. This model is often used as a method to upsell users to a subscription to remove the advertising.

Ad-only content can consist of a selection of content items where ads must be viewed to access it, giving the option of providing premium content at the cost of watching a few ads to the viewer. This is a hybrid of SVOD and AVOD, but ads are only presented on selected content.

We provide full support for both Client-Side Ad Insertion (CSAI) and Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) solutions. Learn more here.

Deliver ads at the most effective points in your content to generate the most revenue. Pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll support via integrations with Google, FreeWheel and SpotX. Server-side Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) is available via YoSpace. Deploy child-safe, human-reviewed ads, on your kids-focused service.