Engage, monetise, capitalise. Exploit all available avenues to increase your revenues: ad-supported, subscription, transactional, or hybrid solutions, we deliver highly responsive, simple-to-navigate workflows, integrated with over 30 payment gateways.


Subscription video-on-demand

SVOD models allow you to generaterevenue directly from your viewers’ subscription fees. Similar to traditionalTV packages, subscriptions allow users to consume as much content as theydesire, for a flat rate. Monthly, annual, or custom: you are in control. 


Advertising video-on-demand

Place ads before, during, or after the running of content. The AVOD model, unlike any other, is free to consumers. Revenue is generated via adverts that are run as you need to be.


Transactional video-on-demand

This model allows end-users to pay for a single piece of content, either through a purchase, or a rental. TVOD can provide rights holders with enhanced revenue streams and gives consumers timely access to new content.

Insights & Analytics

Data analytics to enhance your OTT performance

Harness analytics insights to adapt your monetisation strategy flexibly and iteratively to your audience. Minimise the expectation gap, and seamlessly maximise revenue. With agile products and solutions fully optimised for seamless monetisation model integration, we help you deliver on your objective of a virtuous circle of audience and revenue growth.

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Pack Presentation

Present subscription plans and pay-per-view options with ease

Provide your audience with an array of choices by leveraging in-app presentation of subscription plans and pay-per-view options. All within a flexible framework for package sell and upsell opportunities. Simplestream’s robust workflows to manage ‘entitlements’ ensure that end-users can only access the content they’re eligible to view — be it live or on-demand. With 30+ payment gateways supported, we offer seamless integration with your existing or future billing system/infrastructure covered. Users can apply discount codes, as part of in-app purchase flows, with ease.

In-app Purchases

Keep users engaged when purchasing content

Provide your audience with the ability to purchase the content they want without disengaging from your app. Retain full control of entitlement workflows and provide app users with a seamless transaction completion flow. Finally, upsell your own back catalogue. We facilitate in-app monetisation options, including on demand content rental, content purchase (TVOD), and pay-per-view live event access – region appropriate – all in your customer’s local currency and pricing category. It’s all managed through our dynamic API.


Enhanced revenue streams with bespoke adverts

Monetise your content with engaging ads. Choose the AVOD model, and unlock new revenue streams from day one, via bespoke advertisement. We provide full support for both Client-Side Ad Insertion (CSAI) and Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) solutions.

Pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll support is also available, via integrations with Google, FreeWheel and SpotX. Server-side Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) is available via YoSpace. Deploy child-safe, human-reviewed ads, on your kids-focused service.