Branding & Customisation

Leverage our out-of-the-box App Platform and make it your own. From logos to dedicated imagery, colours, icons, and fonts, your branding comes first, consistently, across every device. Make your users’ experience an unforgettable one, with options to enhance your branding and to customise every pixel of your apps.

Customised App Branding

Consistent, visually compelling app branding

Create a consistent experience, immediately recognisable for your users across all touch points. Craft a highly detailed visual outfit for your applications to encompass your brand colours, logos, and relevant imagery that will make your service stand out and consistently engage your audience.

Customised App Logos and Iconography

Max flexibility across all screens

Your logo, your iconography: seamlessly embed the main elements of your branding within the layout of the app. With flexibility and multiple configurable options, provide your audience with a deeper experience on every single screen. No matter whether content is consumed while on the go, or from big devices in the living room.


Sans serif for optimal on-screen experiences

Sans serif fonts – provided with either an OTF or TTF font file – are the ideal choice for optimal on-screen experiences. The clean, crisp lines of sans serif fonts are the main reason we adopt them across our set of applications for on-screen use, enhancing legibility for end-users.

Choose from three formatting options: light, regular, and bold, both uppercase and lowercase.


Your brand colours throughout

Primary, background, secondary colours: the choice is yours.  

Make your own branding stand out across every stage of your users’ journey within the app, by combining your colour palettes on the screen.  

Manage the layout with ease, leveraging the interface available on Media Manager.


Optimise your navigational sections

Create a frictionless experience for your users when navigating the app. All the icons are changeable, as are the navigational sections that fit your content best.

Image and Video Splash Screen

Captivate your audience's attention

Elegant splash imagery, including video, can be applied to your introductory screens, on app launch, or when users are required to log in.  

Enhance the look and feel of your interface with visually compelling graphics that will enrich your users’ experience at app launch or when logging in.

Promotional UI

Promo pop-ups at key trigger points

Refine your marketing settings with promotional pop-ups, managing the workflow within the dedicated CMS module. Control the look and feel, buttons and CTAs, static background imagery and functionalities such as deep linking to multiple destinations within your app (an individual video location, a purchasing page, etc.).

Deploy your brand across mobile and table apps, tightly integrated through App Platform.

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Customisable views on any screen

Multiple configuration options are available to create the perfect layout for your content.  

Your apps are the shopfront of your OTT service. The way you display your content is key to engaging and retaining your end-users. From live streaming channel view to dedicated configurations for playlists and categories, you can organise and display your libraries to make video items more accessible, discoverable, and always one tap (or click) away.

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