Product Feature - Promo UI

Enhance your users’ experience with promotional pop-ups at various trigger points in your applications to promote content, purchasing, events, or sign-up.

How do you deepen your users’ experience? Most importantly, how do you do so without interrupting your audience’s journey in your applications? At Simplestream, we spend quite a lot of time refining our research and developing new features to enhance our value proposition. App Platform is now richer than it’s ever been, as we introduce a brand new, dedicated feature – Promo UI – that lets you manage the entire workflow, end to end, to serve pop-ups on mobile and tablet screens. At any time, and with the settings you choose.

Promo UI, easily manageable through Simplestream’s Media Manager, lets you refine your marketing settings within the dedicated CMS. Every single element of your pop-up messaging is under your control. From the overall look & feel to buttons and CTA, from static background imagery to functionalities, your branding is at the forefront.

Do you need to target unregistered users or those who log in for the first time? It’s your choice, simply select the trigger, and optimise your strategy to keep enriching your OTT services and generating more revenue. Deeplinking options are available through the applications: enter a schema for a deeplink location – such as a unique identifier for individual video location (UVID), or a link to a purchasing page. Finally, deploy your branded messaging across mobile and tablet apps, tightly integrated through App Platform.

A black smartphone displaying a mockup of a promotional pop up, using SImplestream's Promo UI functionality in App Platform.

Enhance your marketing strategy with new direct-to-consumer tactics, whether you want to attract your users’ eyeballs to a live event that’s coming up, a new premium TVOD option, or a topical item in your content offering. You own the content, let your users own the experience, with Promo UI functionalities that will engage them longer-term, opening untapped revenue streams for you.

A blue banner including the call-to-action to book a demo with Simplestream to build a successful OTT streaming service.