Downlinking & Encoding

Flexible video processing at every stage. We handle the formats and codecs to ensure your content is successfully packaged and optimised for distribution.


Downlink any source

Get any source – managed by you, a third party, or us – to your audience, quickly and efficiently.  

We can ingest live streams from a variety of sources. These include remote feeds such as Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) or AWS MediaConnect shared entitlements in the cloud, as well as satellite or terrestrial downlinks from our London data centre.   

Thanks to source flexibility, we can perform the routing of inputs as straightforward as remote third party HLS, to the transcoding of incoming feeds into your required formats.

Live Transcoding

Robust transcoding on the fly

Transcode your way: cloud-based, or on-prem, with simultaneous input. We ensure enterprise reliability, with uptime guaranteed at 99.9% and an over 99.9% success rate. Fully adaptive input redundancy support, low latency comes as standard.  

Choose from encoding essentials (subtitles/closed captions, multi-channel audio), or unique file formats. We‘ve got you covered.  

Handle any input format for encoding and transcoding to your required codec. Take advantage of real-time packaging of encoded streams, into HLS, Dash, and smooth formats. Out-of-the-box, with support for subtitles/closed captions, multiple audio tracks, along with both standard web, mobile and specialist video file formats. 

Choose adaptive bitrate encoding (ABR), using AWS Media Live encoders in the cloud, best-of-breed on-prem encoders, or a combination of the two. Maximise resources and realise cost efficiencies in the cloud with the ability to scale up or down encoder capacity as required – handling many simultaneous input feed encodes at peak time and scaling back capacity when you do not require it.  

High-quality VOD Encoding

Normalise and encode for all destinations

Encode your ingested VOD in the highest quality, normalised, with multiple renditions, ready for cross-platform delivery and presentation or syndication.

Instant Availability

Realtime to market

With encoding on the fly, the highest quality VOD assets are made available immediately upon ingest to your audience - at scale, across all device platforms.  

Capture VOD on the fly from a live channel and make it available to your audience on demand within seconds.

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Right place, right time

Encode and package content for delivery with AES-128 encryption and comprehensive DRM.

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Cost Effective

Serious savings!

Operational efficiency drives savings and boosts your bottom line.

Auto-scaled encoder resource allocation - you don’t pay for idle server time.  

On demand and committed pricing available.


Unparallaled Integration

Our downlinking and encoding services seamlessly integrate with owner-operated apps and 3rd party syndication connectors through our comprehensive API.