Automate the creation and publishing of DRM-observant categorised catchup TV and frame-accurate VOD content, direct from the broadcast stream – just moments after on air playout. Redeploy your live content for extra audience draw, engagement, and revenue.

Live Capture

Capture for later

Maximise live TV capture possibilities with our automated catchup services.

Our Live2VOD automated workflow captures programmes from your live stream and presents them as VOD in your app library or reverse EPG within moments of a programme’s completion.

Create from SCTE: utilise powerful in-stream SCTE markers for frame-accurate recordings – regardless of whether your channel is running early or late, your VOD will be captured from the first programme frame.

Create from EPG or playout: EPGs or broadcast playout schedule metadata feed can also be used for time-accurate start and end programme cuts.

Set stream-specific offsets and padding, to adjust your capture windows as required – manual editor also provided.

Your audience can access the newly captured VOD in their app on demand library or via the backwards-scrolling EPG, to watch the show they just missed going out live.

Live2VOD is the perfect workflow to implement a cross-platform VOD service, and for HbbTV, offers a cost-effective way to maximise Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB) viewer ratings and uplift revenue via 7-30 day automated catch-up.

Set defined publishing windows for content to appear on your on demand service, to ensure full rights compliance.

Boost on demand content revenue further with Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) of pre-rolls and mid-rolls.

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Live2VOD rights management

With time and title-based blackouts, block the generation of capture VOD for programmes that are not rights cleared.

Assign channel-specific blackout rules.

View, add, and modify blackouts from one central panel.

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Clean VOD

Accurate and simple capture

Create clean, high-quality VOD assets — Perfectly concatenated programme reformation.

SCTE-enabled concatenation: using in-stream SCTE markers and fragmented MP4 concatenation – automatically capture a programme from your live stream, strip out the ads, and merge the segments, to recreate frame-accurate, uninterrupted VOD.

Asset-based workflow: deliver high-quality assets, including metadata tied to EPG data.  Once programmes are scheduled on air, publish assets and time the backwards scrolling EPG to the playout.  Assets can include both pre-roll and mid-roll client-side ad insertion.