How Simplestream helped TBN UK to launch a comprehensive set of multi-platform OTT services monetised via ad insertion.




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November 13, 2023

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A comprehensive solution for live and on-demand video

The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) is an international, Christian-based broadcast television network, and the world’s largest faith-based TV network. The UK division of the business, TBN UK, chose Simplestream to power a whole new set of OTT services, across multiple platforms for the network, airing 24/7 in the United Kingdom.

With programming mostly recorded in the London studios, and available both live and on-demand, TBN UK aimed to expand the reach across mobile and Connected TV applications. The project encompassed content migration and the redefinition of workflows for the creation of automated catch-up video from live broadcast, with ad insertion as a monetisation model, as well as the management of a database of subscribers, who can access the platform – behind registration wall – for free consumption.


Apps for web, mobile, and CTV

The first phase of the project required the implementation of service migration workflows for both the content backlog and user data stored in Vimeo’s streaming solution VHX. Managed via flat files, and subsequently through VHX’s API, the process allowed the customer to review and enhance the metadata associated to the video items ingested  by Media Manager, the proprietary backend solution deployed by Simplestream. User data was also ingested to migrate the database, with the only barrier for end-users being the need to re-create a password at login.

TBN UK also serves a linear channel to their audience, delivered to Simpletream over IP and used for clip generation via Media Manager’s Live2VOD module, catch-up content is generated automatically through the EPG provided by another third-party provider. A second phase of the project will include the adoption of SCTE-35 markers to create VOD content more accurately from the livestreams. Server-side ad insertion powers the monetisation model TBN UK chose for its service. It’s implemented as part of the overall workflow created within the Simplestream solution and can be enhanced as part of future rollout of functionalities through integration with consent management platforms, and marketing attribution platforms.

The frontend solution was powered by App Platform, Simplestream’s framework to power premium content on multiple platforms. TBN UK was successfully launched in under 12 weeks on web, iOS, Android, tvOS, Android TV, Fire TV, VIDAA, and Roku TV.


A new, multi-platform offering

The development and release of such a comprehensive solution for TBN UK expanded Simplestream portfolio of projects for faith-focused networks. The solution conceived for TBN UK is one of the most comprehensive to date, as it encompasses services for the migration and ingestion of content from third parties, as well as user data for a free service that still requires viewers to register.

With advertising at the core of its monetisation model, TBN UK looks at the near future with the prospect of further enriching its offering to viewers, with a large focus on teaching, music, and conversations.