Content Management

Organise and manage your content library at scale, with total control of content categorisation and scheduling. We offer full, flexible, centralised realtime control of backend content management, giving you complete command of your offering, and flexibility to make changes when you need to.

Simplified Functions

We turn complexity into simplicity


Find the right content quickly with powerful filtering.

Use the Media Manager > On Demand module search bar, in combination with its comprehensive range of filters, to find the correct content for the workflow at hand - whether that’s for content sorting, organising, playout, or anything else.

Your content can have a vast array of properties associated with it, and you can search by any of these parameters, including name, description, asset ID, audio language, cue points, downloadable status, entitlement type, episode, filename, media type, rating, season, title, and more.

Filter your search by date range, ingest type, category, workflow (streaming), scrubbing status, or unique video ID.

Your selected content is presented in preview with a compressive collection of properties tabs.

Content Properties and Metadata  

View content details at a glance, including: media type, streaming workflow, file size, creation and modification dates, subtitle status, thumbnails, duration, ingest method, user, and scrubbing status.

View and modify the title, name, description, and category metadata of each asset on-the-fly.

Manage ratings, guidance and advertising cue points with ease.

Video Preview

Preview your video, its audio and any associated subtitles.

Check your content in the auto video preview player - complete with audio language selection, bitrate selection and playback speed controls.

Publishing Windows

Master your content

All your VOD lives in your library, but you decide what content is available to your audience.

Determine what content gets published, and where – to your desired level of granularity.

Set a publish date – from when you want your content to be available to your audience, and an unpublish date – the date you want your content to be removed from your service.

Set different publishing rules on a per country and per-platform basis to satisfy whatever content rights requirements you have.

Image Management

Give your users a clear view

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and nowhere is this truer than in the images representing your content. Your viewers should be able to locate the content they want to watch based on the imagery alone. Images can be automatically ingested or uploaded manually with Media Manager, the powerful modular CMS. Resizing thumbnails for any platform and screen size is automatic, ensuring perfect formatting regardless of device.

Additional images for movie or series posters, channel logos, category thumbnails, episode images and much more can be uploaded manually and applied to your service instantaneously.


Control the grouping of your VOD content

The power of categorisation is at your fingertips. You can assign each VOD asset to as many categories as your complex workflow requires. Categories can be used to dictate which platforms, playlists, and syndication services content is surfaced on.

Automatically create new categories and parent/child relationships using automated ingest workflows, surfacing your newest content as soon as it arrives.

With highly responsive category management in Media Manager, view and change the videos associated with categories and subcategories.

Encoding & Renditions

Quality assurance

Know the encoding status of your VOD asset at a glance. The Encodings view provides instant information on the status of all the multibitrate renditions of your video asset and provides easy access to them once encoded.


Secure and simple integration

Link your content to syndication connectors, social syndication channels, and third party online video platforms (OVPs).

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Geo Locations

Localise your content distribution

Choose how global or local the reach of your content is.

Assign geo location criteria to your VOD assets, for powerful control of your regional offerings. Dictate which content appears in which of your service regions.

Manage the rollout of region-specific: channels, playlists, content, and language services delivered to a single branded app.


Visually compelling metadata

Easily upload a thumbnail associated with your content or create a second accurate one from your video with our Thumbnail picker.

Multiple Accounts

Collaborative content management

With multi-tenant licensing, members of your team can collaborate on content management workflows at the same time. Your team can simultaneously connect to Media Manager’s cloud-based portal and deliver content management tasks at scale.

Reference Locations

Host it anywhere

Remote- and Simplestream-hosted assets, seamlessly managed under one roof in Media Manager.

Benefit from Media Manager content management – and other services such as VOD2Live, Insights & Analytics, Monetisation, and Syndication, without migrating your video assets and uprooting your existing complex asset management and encoding workflows.

With reference locations, benefit from Media Manager content management, even when your content is stored outside of our system. With our 'host it anywhere approach’, assets held in external 3rd party systems can still be accessed and managed – with the benefit of our metadata and categorisation capability – from our cloud-based Media Manager portal.

Already have your own Online Video Platform (OVP)? No problem.

Our OVP-agnostic modular approach allows you to bring your own OVP and seamlessly integrate it with Media Manager’s enhanced orchestration capabilities. Your team can continue to use a system they are familiar with, migration of content is not required, and storage costs aren’t duplicated.