Live Streaming

From scene to screen – anytime, anywhere. Harness the power of cloud-based encoding, low latency streaming, and DRM to deliver live content to your audience.


From anywhere

Get any source – managed by you, a third party, or us – to your audience easily.

Simplestream can ingest live streams from a variety of sources. These include remote feeds such as Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) or Secure Reliable Transport (SRT), as well as satellite or terrestrial downlinks from our London data centre.

Thanks to source flexibility, we can perform the routing of inputs as straightforward as remote third party HLS, to the transcoding of incoming feeds into your required formats. With support for RTMP, RTP, MediaConnect shared entitlement, SRT or Zixi to seamlessly transcode into multi-bitrate HLS and Dash feeds serving up to 14 platforms.

Encoding & Transcoding

Flexible formatting ‘on the fly’

Encode and transcode your way: cloud-based, or on premise, with simultaneous inputs, taking advantage of enterprise reliability, robust redundancy and low latency. Choose from encoding essentials (subtitles/closed captions, multiple audio tracks), or unique file formats. We’ve got you covered.

Handle any input format for encode, transcode to your required codec. Take advantage of real-time packaging of encoded streams, into HLS, Dash, Smooth formats. Out-of-the-box, with support for subtitles/closed captions, multiple audio tracks, along with both standard web, mobile, and specialist video file formats.

We ensure enterprise reliability, with uptime guaranteed at 99.9% and an over 99.9% success rate. Fully adaptive input redundancy support, low latency comes as standard with automated failover.

Choose adaptive bitrate encoding (ABR), using AWS Media Live encoders in the cloud, best-of-breed on-premise encoders, or a combination of the two. Maximise resources and realise cost efficiencies in the cloud with the ability to scale up or down encoder capacity as required – handling a large number of simultaneous input feed encodes at peak time and scaling back capacity when you do not require it.

Blackouts & Rights Restrictions

Retain complete control

Simplestream provides you with full operational control on ‘blackouts’, whether planned or a last-minute requirement. If your live streams need to be blacked out due to territorial restrictions, you will retain the flexibility and control of the entire workflow. Schedule blackouts in advance for auto-implementation, or manually trigger them with slate control. We support both player and encoder-based blackouts.


Enhance your live stream

Your audience is hungry for information, on what’s on and what’s next, on their screen of choice, at a glance. Electronic Programming Guides (EPGs) are essential for live streaming and traditional linear TV services.

EPGs power your live schedules, supporting a full spectrum of ingest formats: JSON, API, XML. Simplestream pre-integrates EBS, Global Listings, Gracenote, and Press Association.

Harness EPG metadata to bring your channel guide to life. Create a responsive environment for your audience: your viewers’ next choice is just a click away.

We quickly deep link your live content into VOD utilising EPG metadata. EPG-supported blackouts, analytics, and rights information utilisation comes as standard with custom EPG parsers fully supported too.

Global Delivery

Go live globally, stress-free

Know the encoding status of your VOD asset with a single glance. The Encodings view provides instant information on the status of all the multi-bitrate renditions of your video asset and provides easy access to them and your originally ingested video file.


Secure and simple integration

Deliver premium video experiences to any screen. Global, highly scalable, Simplestream’s live streaming solutions meet all your needs.

Our robust, distributed cloud-based infrastructure ensures a full-featured broadcast-quality live stream for your audience – from any scene to any screen – anywhere in the world. Live streaming solutions come pre-integrated with Akamai, Amazon Cloudfront and Century Link.

We automatically scale your service to your audience size, meaning you never pay for more bandwidth than you need. Minimise costs, maximise results, and monitor efficiency with the most comprehensive analytics suite available.


New revenue opportunities, one click away

Give your audience the content they crave, the way they want it. Enhance revenue growth opportunities with your monetisation model of choice. Whether you are considering ad-supported (live ad-insertion), subscription or hybrid monetisation solutions, we deliver highly responsive, simple-to-navigate workflows. Tailoring them to your business objectives and integrating with over 30 payment gateways.

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On demand content, moments after broadcast

The Live2VOD module lives within Media Manager and allows operators to seamlessly clip short and long-form video content, either manually or as part of an automated process. Clips can be generated via metadata-incoming markers, as part of the feed, or supplementary data sources. The module creates frame-accurate files just moments after broadcast. Once converted to multiple MP4 file renditions, the content can be automatically published to the App Platform, syndicated via MRSS/JSON/XML feeds, or provided via an embeddable player.


Protect your content

With Simplestream you get unrivalled stream security. Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions are provided by market leading Intertrust. A vendor-agnostic approach, grants support for Fairplay, Playready, and Widevine, as well as many others. The choice is yours. From blackout screens to prevention of attempted content usage breeches, our DRM solutions enable you to maximise revenues in a secure environment, with AES 256 tokenisation provided as standard.