Engagement & Attribution

Track your users’ engagement across all touchpoints, from regular actions on applications to advertising. Understand behaviours and the return on investment for your marketing efforts.

Tracking Customer Journeys

Grow your audience with smarter marketing tactics

Optimising your customers’ journey across a set of applications is integral to business success. OTT and streaming operators must look at the tracking and analysis of their users’ habits across any touchpoint, by choosing the right attribution model to identify engagement patterns and gather valuable data.

This ultimately results in:

  • Optimisation of spending, by analysing both marketing and advertising strategies
  • Better targeting, through data that highlights customers’ needs and preferences
  • Improved ROI

Deep Linking

Make it more engaging

Deep links are app-specific links that have the power to expand the user experience by sending the user ‘deeper’ into the functionalities of the application, or into a specific section, relevant to a targeted campaign.

Measuring the performance of deep links is integral to improving the experience and therefore increasing opportunities for revenue generation.

By deep linking on OTT devices, conversion events can be increased by taking users directly to the relevant content and reducing the risk of drop-out and churn, with much more rewarding figures when it comes to installing and conversion KPIs. App-to-app activity attributes deep links between applications, as well as installs that are driven from links on big-screen devices or embedded in other apps.


Play, purchase, download

As advertising becomes more and more relevant to OTT and streaming business models, ad attribution helps to measure results to track users’ actions and attribute their behaviour when they are served adverts as part of the content consumption experience.

From basic actions like pressing a ‘Play’ button, to purchases, downloads of apps, and typical points of drop-out, advertising-based campaigns cannot do without a detailed analysis of the level of engagement and tracking of conversions. The combination of real-time data analytics and a robust attribution tool make it to a perfect recipe for business success.

Typical last-click attribution metrics:

  • Engagement and install ads: install and conversions are attributed back to ad impressions and clicks
  • Conversions: relevant to subscription events, logins, views, opens, as well as ‘back to the last ad seen’ or other links clicked/tapped