Rights & Security

Store, manage, and deliver your content across multiple platforms, in a secure environment. End-to-end content and data security, plus rights management, all in one place.

Storage Security

Media management made safer

Operate in a seamless, end-to-end workflow, where your video assets are protected at every stage of their journey. From Simplestream’s secure infrastructure to the cloud including regional storage and encryption at REST.

We integrate Amazon AWS and S3, through which you can store your data and secure it from any access with encryption features and access management tools. We guarantee blocks from public access, as well as compliance programs, with additional audit capabilities, all at a glance.

DRM and Stream Security

Multi-DRM solutions on the palm of your hand

Give your content the protection it deserves. Leverage Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems by industry leaders Intertrust. We provide vendor-agnostic, multi-platform support for Apple Fairplay, Microsoft Playready and Google Widevine, as well as many others – the choice is yours. With Simplestream, you get a multi-DRM solution easy to deploy and implement.

Fight stream piracy

AES 256 tokenisation as standard

AES 256 tokenisation is your powerful weapon to prevent unauthorised stream reuse. It restricts any streaming requests, and the relevant source device. With timecode stamping, attempts at unauthorised stream URLs reuse on other devices are easier to neutralise.

Content access control

Exploit your rights, with stronger protection

App store: access and pricing are based on who and where your end-users are. Target your intended audience, exercise your content rights with ease.

App: rely on ‘on the door’ security, to prevent entries from geoblocked regions, all from a simple configuration. With options to work on VPNs too.

Content: control your rights in a granular way, both at asset and live stream level. Content is displayed as you wish, by territory, thanks to API-managed IP checks, to determine your end-users’ right geolocation. ISO Country codes are applied to each video asset, both live and on demand, providing you with full control.

CDN: server-side distribution and rights control. With our Content Distribution Network (CDN) behaviours, you’ll only serve devices in the regions you want. Set up allow/block lists to retain complete ownership of your distribution.

Purchase: secure Payment Gateways will provide you with ultimate authority. At a purchase level, leverage credit card country validation (for desktop applications), and prevent ‘out of territory’ end-users accessing your content ‘on the cheap’, in breach of your content rights. With freedom of choice for a specific monetisation model, when signing up for your desktop service, purchase level security ensures that only users with valid, country-approved credit card details can access subscription plans, TVOD content, or live events.

Data protection

GDPR and beyond, with Consent Management Platform

Your audience’s trust in your streaming platform is paramount, and our data management solutions tick every compliance box.

All our systems ensure the minimum customer data exchange between stages of the desired workflow, as each system is a secure silo, with only strictly necessary service data exchange patterns in operation.

As part of our App Platform’s features, a Consent Management Platform (CMP) – powered by Sourcepoint – enhances targeting for advertisers by leveraging user data, generating higher Cost Per Mille (CPM) when advertising on an OTT platform. The CMP complies with GDPR, ePrivacy and CCPA regulations, providing users with a seamless consent management workflow, in-app.