Product Feature - Consent Management

Discover the latest addition to our App Platform, the Consent Management Platform powered by the integration with Sourcepoint.

Data privacy is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics today. Consumer experience requires a clear and transparent process that guides compliance by informing end-users about data collection and usage practices. In the complex OTT and streaming sector, most importantly, managing consent is proving to be one of the most urgent elements for broadcasters and content owners looking to monetise their video assets through advertising.

At Simplestream, we are constantly researching and developing new features to innovate our suite of products. Our latest addition to App Platform is a Consent Management Platform (CMP) powered by Sourcepoint. Providing enhanced targeting for advertisers naturally involves utilising user data, which in turn generates higher Cost Per Mille (CPM) when advertising on an OTT platform. It’s key to ensure that the latest data regulations are always matched by seamless management, across multiple platforms.

The platform provides operators with a flexible solution that helps to integrate and optimise consent management – seamlessly, across all digital touch points – and to follow technology and privacy regulations as they evolve.

Key Features

  • Comply with GDPR, ePrivacy, and CCPA regulations
  • Provide your users with simple consent management in-app
  • Pass consent values programmatically into ad requests
  • Advertising is compliant, and targeted when consent is granted
  • Higher average CPM to generate further ad revenue
  • Customisable consent visuals
  • Supported across multiple platforms, including desktop, mobile and big screen: iOS, Android, tvOS, FireTV, Web

Evolve the privacy conversation with your audience, by leveraging an easy-to-use system that takes care of consent management from the first tap (opt in or opt out), to the cue points that trigger your ad-insertion workflows.