Integrate the most effective payment gateways. Control your subscriptions and one-off payments via Media Manager.

Seamless Transaction Flows

Process payments, effortlessly

The Payments module, as part of Media Manager, ensures seamless transaction flows, both for the operator and the end-user. When a user subscribes to your service, the card number is sent through a payment gateway – serving specific geographies and currency types – to the merchant bank account.  

Once approved, the transaction is settled by the merchant, and the funds are transferred to your business bank account.


Set up recurring payments

Easily manage your billing patterns for plan-based subscriptions, choosing between customisable billing periods, cycles, pricing, and more. The integration with a payment gateway ensures that your customers’ data is safely stored and easy to navigate at any time.

Set up your plans based on multiple parameters. Retain full control on plan updates, deletion, free trials behind payment walls, and cardless free trials.


Provide your users with discounts

Coupons are used to provide users with discounts, and to migrate subscribers to a new platform, when needed. They can be used to give percentage- or amount-based reductions.

Key features:

  • Single-code coupons for mass distribution, with the option to limit maximum redemptions and/or set a specific ‘redeem by date’
  • Bulk unique codes for individual delivery and tracking
  • Discounts at account level, or tied to specific subscriptions
  • Free trial coupons to give new subscribers special free trial lengths
  • Offer discounts for one purchase only, for a limited time, or forever
  • Ability to edit, expire, restore coupon campaigns

Multiple Currencies

Payments in local currencies

Payment gateways take the payments and redirect the funds directly to you. Multiple currencies are supported, to allow end-users from all over the globe to access your OTT and streaming services by paying in their local currency.  

Tax region support is enabled separately from the current enablement.

PCI-DSS, SCA-Compliance

Data protection regulation

Our Payments module is fully compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), which provides the necessary framework to develop a robust security process for credit card transactions.

The module is also compliant with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), the European regulatory requirement to reduce fraud, and make online and contactless offline payment transactions more secure. At least two of the most common authentication patterns are used as required by SCA: password or pin; phone or hardware token; fingerprint or face recognition.

Third-party Integrations

From accounting to marketing workflows

The Payments module can link to multiple third-party systems, including tools to seamlessly manage your customer relationship management and support, accounting, and marketing workflows.