Video Delivery

We deliver premium video experiences – whether your video is stored in the cloud or on-prem, within our system or in a 3rd party reference location – to any screen, anywhere. With pre-integrated CDNs, rapid deployment is a reality.

Premium Live Streaming

Adaptable to your needs

All you need from live stream video delivery: Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) streaming, multi-format packaging, multi-DRM implementation, device limits, geo-restrictions, language localisation, compliance recording, Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) monetisation with pre-rolls and mid-rolls, DVR windows for programme start-over and live scrubbing, instant access Live2VOD, EPG management, channel idents, bumpers, slates, and much more!

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Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

The highest quality for your video

With our Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) streaming technology, dynamically match the best quality video render to each audience member’s bandwidth, on the fly. Only send the bits you need, without compromising on video quality.  Only send the resolution needed to the right device, no need to send 4K quality to a tiny mobile screen, unless you have one of those fancy 4K phones of course!

From a single stream, multiple renders of the video are encoded, packaged, and propagated. The best possible quality version of the video stream at any given time is delivered to each user’s device, adapting in realtime to network conditions – the quality will reduce based on poorer network performance, and increase as conditions improve.

Carried in HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) or Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG DASH), our ABR streaming solutions eliminate ‘all or nothing’ stream delivery failures, in even the most challenging low and fluctuating bandwidth network environments — ensuring the best possible video delivery every time.

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Optimised Regional Video Delivery

More or less - Exactly what you need

Delivering out-of-the-box bitrates and resolutions is what we do.

With our automated bitrate management tools, enable custom video bit rate delivery by territory.

Optimise your streams. Constrain or expand the roster of available ABRs delivered on a regional basis.

Tailor what you send to perfectly reflect network conditions, market conditions, and the needs of your audience.

In regions with challenging network infrastructure or expensive data, sending the highest bitrates can be both costly and inefficient – suboptimal for both you and your users.

Conversely, in regions with high-speed networks, sending the lowest bitrates, could be considered redundant, so these can be removed.

Our video delivery service detects where your viewer is and strips out any unnecessary renditions from the ABR stream manifest, allowing you to be fully adaptable to local network conditions. Streaming monitoring tools provide you with insights on how your custom setup affects your data costs.

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CDN Choice

Rapid deployment of the right CDN solution for you

We offer a wide choice of CDN providers.

CDN agnostic, and with an ever-expanding group of partnerships, we work with you to find the most powerful, cost effective CDN solutions for your needs - either facilitating competitive offerings/pricing/rates from Tier 1 CDN providers, or supporting you to utilise your existing CDN provider agreements.

Choose our pre-integrated CDNs - out-of-the-box - ready today, to realise an incredibly fast time to market for your OTT service, with conception to launch times of as little as six weeks.

Want to bring your existing CDN to the table?

Give us your CDN, we connect our origin.

We also offer full integration with 3rd party CDNs, leveraging our strong existing relationships with all major CDN providers, and the expertise/experience of our outstanding engineering team, to get your video delivery solution up and running smoothly.

Our CDN solutions include secured tokenised streaming between the origin and the CDN - if your CDN does too, we support it. The CDN can also be configured to limit playback on a country-by-country basis to meet your existing rights agreements.

Global Delivery

Go live worldwide

Deliver premium video experiences to any screen, anywhere in the world. Global, scalable, reliable, low latency, content delivery, with dynamic content acceleration.

Our robust, distributed global network of secure cloud-based CDN resources ensure delivery of full-featured, broadcast-quality video to your audience, leveraging adaptive bitrate streaming to dynamically respond to local network conditions, and 225+ Points of Presence (215+ secure Edge locations and 13 regional mid-tier caches) in 90 cities across 47 countries — allowing for fast, highly responsive app performance via local delivery of video streams to each device.

Operational execution occurs at all edge locations, meaning they can scale instantly to millions of requests per second with minimal latency overhead - typically under one millisecond.

Intelligent, low cost, reliable content delivery. We automatically scale your service to your audience size, meaning you never pay for more bandwidth than you need. With cost-effective, intelligent, CDN solutions, utilising a robust global architecture, including regional edge caching - minimise costs and maximise results.

CDN Origin Shield implementation as standard, to ensure the most efficient, close proximity video propagation and delivery – satisfying demand on our origin servers at peak times, and highly effective in reducing your data costs. With content securely staged in the CDN edge and regional caches, traffic demands can be reduced to as few as one origin request per object, meaning that your audience gets a high-availability service every time.

Cost-effective Commitments

CDN data cost management

The CDN is more cost-effective, the more data you buy in advance.

The greater the data allowance you commit to, the cheaper the CDN cost – in comparison to Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) pricing – and the greater the control you have over those costs.

Leverage a sliding scale of commitment volume plans, and benefit from dedicated pricing in advance, bringing savings of up to 80% in comparison to PAYG pricing.

Secure CDN

Compliance and security delivered

With our global network of secure cloud-based CDN resources, your streaming service is in safe hands.

Store and deliver your video securely. Prevent unauthorised access with first-class encryption and access management tools.

Network and Application Layer attack protection, SSL/TLS Encryption,HTTPS, and DDoS protection as standard.

With full access request monitoring and auditing support.

AWS CloudFront infrastructure and processes compliant with, PCI-DSS Level 1, HIPAA, and ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015, 27018:2019, SOC (1, 2 and 3), FedRAMP Moderate and more — securing sensitive data delivery and your peace of mind.

To learn more about how we apply geo security at the CDN level, VPN blocking to protect premium content, and multi-DRM solutions for your content security, see Rights & Security.

CDN Balancing

CDN mediation for best QoS and seamless redundancy

Video delivery reliability ensured.

With the enterprise CDN balancing solution delivered via our partner NPAW, logic is applied - on a per-stream basis - to find the best CDN for each viewer.

Real-time metrics ensure that users are always served with the best possible stream - closest to their location for increased response time.

Our CDN balancer mediates between several CDN services, auto-switching to the best performing content delivery link. The balancer provides increased service resilience and system redundancy in the event of a CDN outage, ensuring that your users’ favourite show goes on and that they are always on the best possible stream.

Automated CDN load balancing, with dynamic load allocation and active server content forwarding, can also be incorporated to ensure an optimal viewing experience.

Reference Locations

Remote delivery

Remotely-hosted assets seamlessly streamed.

Give us the content and CDN as a single streaming URL - we play it out. It’s that simple!

Using reference locations, benefit from seamless video delivery, even when your content is stored outside of our system. With our 'host it anywhere approach’, assets held in external 3rd party systems can still be managed for streaming – with metadata and categorisations handled – in our cloud-based Media Manager portal.

Already have your own Online Video Platform (OVP)? No problem.

Our OVP-agnostic modular approach allows you to bring your own OVP and seamlessly integrate it with our enhanced video delivery orchestration capabilities. Migration of content is not required, and storage costs aren’t duplicated.

To learn more about how we seamlessly integrate remote locations into our video delivery workflows, see Content Management.