App Platform

Your platform of choice to power premium content

Your platform of choice to power premium content

App Platform is the out-of-the-box product designed to streamline the launch of premium video services.

Already in use with over 30 media entities worldwide, it’s built on a powerful framework and lets you create feature-rich applications in a quick and effortless way, distributing your premium content offering across all major platforms.

Reach your audiences with a fully functional service built and deployed within weeks and with a fully customisable UI.

Enrich your customers’ video experience and with third-party integrations; increase your engagement rates, opening to new monetisation opportunities.

Key features

Out-of-the-box, multi-device, tailored to your audience’s needs

Fully customisable framework

All content
types supported

Digital Rights Management



Reduced time-to-market

Deploy seamless video experiences in 6 to 12 weeks across all major platforms: desktop, mobile, tablet, Smart TV, gaming consoles.


Live, on-demand, catch-up, box sets, podcast, radio: your brand, your design, and a fully customisable UI on multiple devices.

Limitless integrations

From analytics to advertising, engagement and marketing modules, App Platform pre-integrates with the industry’s best-in-class third-party tools.

Your success is at the core of what we do

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