How Simplestream helped TN Marketing to expand SVOD and TVOD services on mobile and tablet for Craftsy.


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May 12, 2022

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Tap into new audiences with more engaging OTT services

TN Marketing approached Simplestream in early 2022, looking to expand their highly successful crafts, hobbies and lifestyle brand, Craftsy, which provides online video classes in a variety of crafts and lifestyle hobbies, with expert instructors to help users get it right the first time they try out a new activity.

Simplestream was required to integrate the new infrastructure with an existing online video platform (OVP), including a CMS provided by an existing partner, Brightcove.

TN Marketing also looked to make available both SVOD and TVOD as in-app purchases, and to integrate pre-integrated workflows for authorisations and entitlements.


A simplified infrastructure for seamless integration

The solution chosen for the Craftsy project is powered by App Platform – Simplestream’s out-of-the-box product designed to streamline the launch of premium video services. App Platform is OVP-agnostic, built upon cloud-based, flexible modules, interchangeable and customisable.

The OVP-agnostic approach taken by Simplestream allowed for a full integration of the existing database.

Users' freedom of choice is granted by a flexible framework that includes both subscriptions (SVOD) and purchases of single pieces of content (TVOD), in-app.


Limitless expansion

The multi-platform and multi-tenant capability of App Platform allowed Simplestream to create an out-of-the-box solution for the delivery of the Craftsy applications. Simplestream provided applications which could fulfil the requirements of TN Marketing across mobile and tablet devices successfully, with the ability to expand to big screens easily in the future.

Simplestream built bespoke capabilities for the full set of Craftsy applications that allowed users to make both SVOD and TVOD in-app purchases.