Insights & Analytics

Optimise your channel programming, monetisation and general service strategies with our analytical dashboards and reports. Gain granular insights of content performance, system and user behaviours to make informed choices with your content offering and delivery. Understand your audience like never before.

Comprehensive Analytics

Understanding your audience

Track everything the user does from Play.  

Our data analytics solutions provide you with insights into audience tastes, behaviours, content performance, system, (per) platform, and device-specific performance, active user metrics, and much more - allowing you to grow your OTT service to greater heights.

What’s your most popular show?

What content works and at what time in the schedule?

Which shows work back to back?

Viewer Live Data

Powering individual insights

All data is broken down as granularly as user ID, down to individual viewers. Utilise this level of detail to derive insights and identity trends.

Purchase data means subscribers can be segmented into cohorts to target by type or entitlement - do free users watch less than subscribers?

Key Technical Insights

Digging into data, deeper

Gather hundreds of data points, from location to network/infrastructure to last-mile performance.  

Key dimensions include devices, user agent, location, network and CDN.

QoE & QoS

Deliver a high-quality audience experience

Monitor and understand the perceived video QoE of your users in real-time. Focus on quality issues and errors efficiently before they require customer support. Prioritise and resolve issues based on the number of affected users.

Infrastructures undergo constant technical changes. We help you understand the effect QoS changes have on your customers. Ensure your changes are strategically for the better and align with your objectives.

Visualisation & Realtime

Seeing is believing

Data is available in real time – with no delay between consumption and analysis. Live event/popular show on a live channel/new box set episode: see consumption as it happens.

Utilise dozens of dashboards and widgets to present data in the way which best suits your use case. From Content Manager to engineer — the interface is extremely flexible and allows for unlimited users and dashboards.


Delivered to you

Manual and automated reporting, out of the box.

No more hassle of creating reports everyday by hand. Configure what you need – delivered daily, weekly, monthly, by email, to S3, or to FTP.