Quickly implement authentication workflows across all your platforms, with a solution we can fully design to scale on demand. Accommodate millions of users or integrate with your existing external database.


Simple, hurdle-free, user account creation

Making the user account registration as painless as possible is key to capturing new users via Simplestream’s seamless in-app registration flows. Register your customers with their email address and a selected password, optionally including mobile phone number and marketing preferences.


Seamless user account sign-in

Deploy the app login model that best aligns with your audience engagement strategy.

From ‘no login’ AVOD, through to ‘no content until login’ SVOD models, calibrate your login strategy with precision, and manage it from Media Manager.

Is yours a ‘trailers-only until login’ model?

Are you delivering a mixed content service, letting viewers access movies and series behind a registration wall?

Give your users a reason to create an account with login incentives  such as continue watching, downloads and favourites.

Keep younger users out of rated content with support for secure access control – automatically requesting a user's pin against rated content, when enabled.

External Database

Control your user data

Integrate your external user database with our authentication flow.

Securely host your user data external to our system while leveraging our authentication proxy – delivering on your security requirements and maximising authentication flexibility.

Device Flow

Easy, big-screen sign-in

Make it simple for users to log in to big-screen applications, without the annoying process of typing in their details using an on-screen keyboard and TV remote.  

MMAuth enables Device Flow for TV platforms, the functionality that allows for multi-platform sign-in with a simple code on a second screen to log in to playback content. Perfect for big-screen apps and hassle-free viewing.

GDPR & User Tracking

User anonymous analytics

Keep monitoring your audience’s behaviour with non-invasive authentication data analytics. No customer identifiable data is used, with each user represented by a non-identifiable ID only, ensuring compliance with GDPR.

Protect your audience’s data from unwanted breaches. Maintain a highly secure payment gateway flow, with selected integrations to manage your transactions.


Centralised user account management

Media Manager integrates a dedicated module that utilises the MMAuth service, for customer identity and entitlement management, while providing seamless login and registration flows.

Custom Flows

Authenticating your way

We deliver custom flows – with login by phone number, legal identity sign-in, and telco operator authentication also supported.