Promotional UI

Enhance your users’ experience with bespoke, highly curated, and visually compelling pop-ups. Available on mobile, tablet, and TV.

Enhanced Marketing Tactics

Unparalleled functionalities to enhance your strategies

Simplestream’s Promotional UI service is built for you to manage the entire workflow, end-to-end, and serve pop-ups to your users on mobile, tablets, and TV screens. At any time, and with the settings you choose. Grab a chance to enhance your direct-to-consumer tactics, whether you want to attract your users’ eyeballs to a live event that’s coming up, a new premium transactional video-on-demand (TVOD) purchase, or a topical item in your content offering. You own the content, let your audience own the experience, with functionalities that will engage end-users longer term, driving more revenue your end.

Seamless Management

Leverage Media Manager to serve pop-ups

Manage every single aspect of your strategy by controlling your pop-ups’ workflow through Media Manager, and by accessing the dedicated CMS module to refine your marketing settings.

Look & Feel

A journey that starts from the eyes

Customise the look & feel by bringing your branding to the centre of the stage. Craft every single element – with full control – of your pop-ups: buttons and CTAs, background imagery, functionalities. Every item is customisable to the bone of your branding.

Trigger Points

Strategic pop-ups

Target your users at specific stages through their journey to provide pop-ups that are relevant to the content they’re viewing.

Think of that crucial moment at the end of a video when the viewer is served a pop-up with a recommendation to view similar content within the catalogue. Provide a personalised experience that adds value and gives something back to the viewer.

Examples of trigger points are: app open, end of video view, upon pressing a button, or completing a specific action.


Promotional pop-ups to the users you want

Who sees what? With Promotional UI you have the ability to customise the experience to the smallest of details. Select who is served the pop-up and when. Use the filtering options to decide whether you want to target unregistered users, those who are not logged in, or by selecting specific entitlements for upsell.

Deep Linking

Take your users by the hand, guide them through your apps

Deep linking options are available through the applications. Enter a specific schema for the deep linking location, such as a unique identifier for individual video location (UVID), or a link to a purchasing page to enhance your opportunities to monetise your content backlog. Alternatively, set up a link to any of the navigation pages of your app. Direct your audience where you want, from the palm of your hand.

App Platform Integration

A multi-device experience

Your pop-ups can be deployed across your mobile, tablet, and TV apps with App Platform, Simplestream’s powerful framework for the distribution of premium content. Leverage Device Flow (login on big screens with only a code) for an even smoother experience across screens of different sizes and capabilities.

With Promotional UI, you have a chance to craft your marketing tactics and make them bullet-proof for user engagement, acquisition of new subscribers, and retention of the existing ones.