How Simplestream brought strong orchestration and event data management capabilities under the same roof for Canadian telco Telus.




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June 14, 2023

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Events in the palm of a video provider’s hand

Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Telus is a Canadian multinational company. Its subsidiary, Telus Communications, operates in telecommunications. Telus provides a wide range of telecoms products and services, including internet access, voice, entertainment, video, and IPTV television.

Telus Communications chose Simplestream to enhance its core IPTV offering. The brief required a strong backend solution, to streamline the workflow that centralises the acquisition and management of live sporting events powered by a plethora of video content providers as part of the Telus network, for IPTV and applications.

The main objective was to bring strong orchestration and event data management capabilities under the same roof, improving improving an existing workflow by utilising Media Managers event organisation and syndication, with enhancements for the Telus use case.


Enhanced Media Manager

Simplestream enhanced its proprietary Media Manager by extending the latest version of the powerful content management system with a fully revamped layout. The solution allowed Telus to provide its own sports providers (plus a variety of other services such as church and community-focused content) with a fully self-service tool to seamlessly manage the entire video workflow for distribution on IPTV and application boxes.

The enhanced set of capabilities for Media Manager include:

  • More thorough management for organisations, user groups, and permissions
  • Live event and video stream syndication
  • User auditing for improved granularity of the services

It was key for Telus to be able to open a gateway to their sports clients, for content providers to fully manage their events (from their creation to updates, deletion and monitoring) against a pre-integrated API. The information is subsequently passed through the CDN for the final stages of the process, before it gets delivered to IPTV or apps.


Data management and scheduling, all at once

The solution deployed helped Telus to considerably increase the volume of live events powered on a monthly basis. The expectation is to be able to scale the services offered by each of the sports entities involved in the Telus network by providing each content provider with a ‘ready-to-use’ tool that can easily be managed by operators.

The newest version of Media Manager provided the Canadian telco with an even more powerful set of functionalities to manage live events, with refined capabilities for user management.