Playbook: Consumers in the modern age

A research playbook that analyses habits and behaviours of UK-based consumers living in a tech-first ecosystem. Download the full report now.

The new age of the consumer is one that’s dominated by ‘everything now’. With competition at unprecedented levels, video has all it takes for organisations in multiple verticals to deliver concise, impactful, and actionable insight. Video as a means of communication has entered everyone’s life in a powerful way. Video content now plays an integral role in defining marketing and sales strategies for many operators.

What does the streaming landscape look like today? And how does this inform consumer behaviours, in a fast-paced, fully digital world? Changing consumer expectations and demands are driving the innovation that surrounds most – if not all – of the technology available to the end user today.

This playbook highlights the trends dominating video content consumption from the privileged perspective of the end user.

The main findings conclude that:

📺 Big-screen devices (Smart TVs) are still the preferred means of consumption for most of the UK population.

👀 Users in the UK are currently subscribed to a variety of streaming platforms, on average one to three per household.

🚫 Over 52% of those interviewed are not willing to subscribe to any more services in the next 12 months.

😎 Personalisation of streaming services has been deemed very important for a more enjoyable user experience by over half of the total respondents.

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The research presented draws from:

  • Consumer research of UK-based self-described video content consumers, across a sample of 300 individuals of all genders, aged 18-65.
  • Executive interviews from Simplestream's C-suite.
  • User data pulled from sets of analytics tools deployed by Simplestream to its portfolio of clients.