The future of streaming, Kitchen Nightmares, and FAST: a conversation with Dan Finch

What does the future of streaming look like? Join host Edward Norton and Simplestream's CCO & Co-Founder, Dan Finch, as they dissect the main trends of an ever-evolving industry.

Dan Finch, Chief Commercial Officer at Simplestream, joins host Edward Norton to discuss the future outlook of the streaming ecosystem, with an eye on ad-supported television, but also AI, the metaverse, and future innovation.

  • Is FAST just 're-badged telly'?
  • How much more content can individual platforms onboard today?
  • Shows like Kitchen Nightmares rely on a single personality: can individual creators surface the sea of FAST?

Beyond the Stream is a monthly podcast brought to you by Simplestream. Join us, and learn how consumer behaviour is changing across different sectors – and how to build products to meet this change head-on.

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Welcome to Beyond the Stream

Welcome to Beyond the Stream, the podcast brought to you by Simplestream, and hosted by Edward Norton. Follow us on your favourite platform.

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