White Paper: Simplestream and NPAW

Learn how data analytics becomes integral to your streaming or OTT service's business success with Simplestream and NPAW. Download the full white paper.

Building out an OTT service for success in a highly competitive environment requires data. A lot of it. Integrating data analytics systems with complex – often difficult to navigate – OTT and streaming architectures is a key differentiator, integral to business success. It's the only way to a multi-dimensional understanding of the end-user experience.

This technical paper provides an overview of the successful partnership between Simplestream and Nice People At Work (NPAW). It details how NPAW's portfolio of real-time video analytics tools integrates with Simplestream's proprietary App Platform, providing invaluable data for customers, who can better understand and track the performance of their video content, apps, and advertising models.

A plain background image showing mockups of the white paper showcasing the integration between Simplestream's and NPAW's tech stacks, with link to download the full document

This paper aims to provide the reader with an answer to the following questions:

  1. Why are third-party integrations and revenue-conscious products key when choosing a good tech partner?
  2. How does integrating NPAW's suite of products and Simplestream's tech stack work?
  3. What are video analytics and why is Google Analytics not enough to improve your platform's performance?
  4. What does the future of data analytics solutions look like for operators in the OTT space?

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