White paper: Child-friendly channels in the digital age

Launching a successful OTT service for younger demographics and the challenges of multi-platforms offerings. Download the full white paper, including a case study on Narrative's POP channels.

Children today are spoiled for choice. Swift technological advancement, together with 'new generations' of viewers born in the midst of the digital revolution, has changed viewing patterns and habits. Shorter video items are preferred to longer-form programmes. And again, the traditional 22-minute show has made way for 'mobile friendly' mini-episodes more palatable to younger eyeballs.

In this white paper, we analyse the challenges of today's child-friendly streaming landscape, trying to identify the key elements of successful deliveries of video services tailored to younger audiences.

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The document revolves around three major points for broadcasters and content owners today:

  1. Changing viewing habits: building accessible apps, on multiple platforms and devices, with children-friendly design and UX.
  2. Monetising effectively with advertising, but in a safe environment for younger audiences.
  3. COPPA compliance for data sharing.

Finally, a thorough case study on Narrative's POP channels provides the reader with additional insights on the Simplestream's capabilities in building safe, compliant, and engaging environments for kids-focused programming.

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