The game’s on: four examples of gamification for streaming services in 2023

A peek into the most popular gamification examples across various video streaming platforms. Read on.

Re-igniting viewer experiences can start from one app modification.

Historically, it has been proven that introducing gamification is the root cause of increased user engagement across sectors, including the video streaming industry.

This article aims to provide you with a peek into a few popular gamification examples from four video streaming platforms.

#1. Netflix's choose your own adventure

As noted in our list of four ways to gamify streaming services, Netflix’s interactive Black Mirror film ‘Bandersnatch’ is a perfect example of how a video streaming service could be gamified to enhance viewing experiences and keep users engaged.

Netflix achieved this by allowing users to control the narrative of the Black Mirror episode through selecting options for the character does next. Like that of a video game, this engages users by allowing them to explore new possibilities through their own actions, as opposed to having no control over the events of their favourite show.

#2. POP's interactive ArtPad

Integrated by our team at Simplestream, the interactive art pad for POP TV was a stroke of genius. In a nutshell, invited users to play, create, and doodle on a virtual canvas, all without leaving the immersive video streaming app. But that’s not all. This artful gamification feature not only enticed users to open the POP TV player on their favourite devices, but also captivated them for extended periods, indulging in boundless entertainment within the app itself.

The importance of integrating features such as this become clear when we unpack the fact that since Covid 19, 69% of 504 primary and early years teachers noticed a sharp increase in daydreaming and inattention among their pupils. Thus, introducing features such as an Art Pad could provide the perfect distraction for younger audiences, whilst keeping them active on your streaming app.

You can read more about this feature here.

#3. Twitch's Badges

Badges within the Twitch platform tap into the concept of positive reinforcement by rewarding users based on their viewing activities. The more you stream, the more badges you earn, therefore effectively encouraging people to spend more time streaming content on Twitch’s platform.

However, taking this a step further, Twitch have allowed content creators to distribute digital badges that reward early adopters to their streaming channel.  This elicits a sense of FOMO, encouraging viewers to be the first to watch new content across the platform. Concepts such as this could easily be mimicked for traditional VOD platforms such as Netflix, where legacy viewers receive a badge for being in the top 10% for being the first to finish a film or series which is a sure-fire way to engage, reward and win your audience over.

#4. YouTube's Live Chat functionality

This feature enables real-time interaction between content creators and viewers. This fosters a sense of community and participation, as users can actively engage with the stream, leaving comments, questions, and reactions. The instant feedback and acknowledgment from creators during the live session act as rewards for users, encouraging them to participate and return for future live events.

Even after the live stream ends, the chat replay feature allows viewers to experience the live chat interactions during playback. This enables those who missed the live event to catch up and engage with the content and community after the fact, further extending the gamified experience for future users.

An example of live chat replay can be seen on Crafter's Companion 24/7 live YouTube stream, which is powered by the live syndication features included in Simplestream's Channel Studio. Learn more about this feature here.

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