Technical support for your OTT service made simple

Technical support for your OTT service shouldn’t be rocket science: from the sales process to technical account management

When was the last time you were stuck on the phone for hours, just trying to get to speak to a real person for help? Made even worse when there’s hold music to keep you company.  It’s getting to the point that even everyday appliances can leave you requiring tech support. Taking up valuable time where you just wanted to get your washing done, but for some reason, your new washing machine must be connected to your wi-fi network before it’ll start the spin cycle. This goes beyond just being a bad experience for the customer, as it can impact the business itself, as many as 86% of B2B buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. If the tech stack your business utilises leaves you requiring support frequently, there may be an issue with the product itself. Any member of your team should be able to use these products intuitively without extensive reference to a user guide. This is why Simplestream adopts a design-first approach from the frontend to the backend, resulting in both your team and the customers accessing your content have a great experience. You’ll also be assigned your very own technical account manager when working with us, who will be on hand to support your team when needed.

If mobile phone purchasing processes were like the Simplestream onboarding process, you wouldn’t have the headache of setting up a family member or friend who’s not the most tech-savvy with the latest iPhone every time they take out a new contract.

The process when you work with us is as follows:

Sales > Solutions > Project Manager > Technical Account Manager

According to a report by research company, Gartner, 77% of B2B buyers state that the purchase process can be very difficult or complex. Therefore, clear handovers between teams in the onboarding process make your set-up with Simplestream, painless.

It’s not just technical support that the account management team offer, they’re here to champion your business’ success. Looking to maximise ad revenue? They can help with that, whether you have an existing integration or are looking to add one.

Part of the support we like to have on hand for our clients is using a centralised system where you can refer to our user guides, that way we are always referencing the same material. For example, getting set up with our content management system (CMS) Media Manager isn’t as complex as understanding the science behind the plot of Interstellar. But even if you do fall into a black hole, you can always refer to our user guides and call on your technical account manager to pull you out again.

They may not have all the answers in the account management team, but they’re also there to point you in the right direction when they don’t. By being your port of call with Simplestream, you’re never left without someone to help your business and you always have someone to speak to. You’ll also never have to listen to any hold music.

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