Simplestream 6 - 47% of US TV viewers already cordless

July 2, 2021

47% of US TV viewers already cordless

Cordless TV consumers are on track to become the predominant TV consumer in the US next year, according to the fourth Future of TV survey of more than 4,000 US adults by The Trade Desk. The data shows that nearly half of American TV viewers are already cordless (47 per cent), while 44 per cent of Americans with cable TV anticipate pulling back or cutting service in the coming year.

Half streaming device buyers first-time owners

According to research by advisory firm Interpret, half of consumers who plan to purchase a smart TV or a streaming media player within the next three months will be first-time buyers. The remainder are existing owners who are replacing their streaming device, upgrading to a newer version, or switching to a new brand.

Netflix leads European scripted content

Research from Ampere Analysis shows that Netflix has become the largest single commissioner of new European scripted content. This represents one of the strongest indicators of the global changes in production market dynamics and represents a boon for European producers as the region becomes increasingly important for global streamers.

Weather Channel adds OTT service

Allen Media Group is to launch new subscription streaming service – The Weather Channel Plus.

Advertisers want more control of data

Nearly four in five European advertisers want to take more control of their media spend and work more collaboratively with partners, according to research from Kantar, the data, insight, and consulting company.

5G in 65 countries

According to research from network test, monitoring and assurance solutions provider VIAVI demonstrating the accelerating pace at which 5G is growing, coverage has extended to an additional four countries and 301 cities worldwide since the beginning of 2021.