Product Feature - VOD-2-Live

May 17, 2021

One of the new features in beta of the Simplestream Media Manager CMS is our new VOD-2-Live module. Typically, live broadcasting can be a time intensive and expensive process, requiring a playout provider and satellite transponder capacity. Simplestream’s VOD-2-Live solution helps to achieve the same result, mass distribution but at a fraction of the cost.

This new simplified workflow begins at VOD ingest, from either S3, an MRSS feed or direct upload, and paired with either images, meta data and Ad Break markers. Using an EPG format, users can schedule their VOD content to create a linear broadcast schedule, including dates, times, images and key meta-data. Ad markers can automatically be added at the start and end of every new program or mid-rolls can be manually inserted if they were not provided at ingest.

The Ad Markers are used to make requests to your ad-server, be it pre-roll or mid-roll which then serves a dynamic ad. These ads are then tracked and reported via your ad server as normal. Of course, on App Platform services, customers can use the pre-existing monetisation models of AVOD, TVOD or SVOD in conjunction with the VOD-2-Live stream.

Playout of the channel can be distributed either through the App Platform, a similar OTT service or paired with Media Manager’s Syndication functionality which allows streaming to a wide range of content aggregators.

This simple process greatly reduces the complexity of video delivery workflows, lowers costs and reduces time to market, while providing valuable return path data on the end users so you can deliver the content they want on a device of their choosing.

If you would like to know more, get in touch now here, we’d be happy to help.