Product Feature - User Library

April 19, 2021

In the digital age customers of major platforms are pampered with advanced functionality that helps the user to access the entertainment they enjoy the most. These features mark a significant difference from traditional TV and are just some of the benefits of going OTT for both your users and your platform.

The digital world moves quickly and keeping on top of the constant slate of new functionality that customers have grown to expect from a digital service can be a labour-intensive process. That’s why at Simplestream we are dedicated to keeping our App Platform and our clients ahead of the curve. Today we will look at two of these pieces of functionality, Watchlists and Continue Watching, but they are only a small insight into the full suite of functionality of the App Platform.

Watchlists are an excellent way for customers to segregate their chosen content from the full library. Users are able to select content to add to their watchlists which is then stored in a separate tab of the app to be watched at will. Users can use the watchlist to curate content to be watched later or to keep their favourites near the top or to easily navigate to a series they are watching.

Continue Watching allows users to pick up their content from where they left off. This is one of the great benefits of VOD content from the perspective of the user, not only do they have the freedom to choose what they want to watch they can also choose when to watch it, from pausing mid-stream to taking a break from content that they can then pick up from the same point, even when switching devices.

These pieces of functionality are not only impossible on traditional platforms, they are also increasingly expected by younger audiences for any OTT service. If you’re looking to create a feature rich, user-led experience then get in touch with Simplestream using the contact box below.