Product Feature - TVOD

Learn about the transactional video-on-demand (TVOD) module, one of the product enhancements to our Media Manager

The last couple of years living with Covid-19 have accelerated the adoption of video, for both businesses and consumers alike. A variety of monetisation methods is now available to content owners and broadcasters to consider, able to further leverage their content offering, and to establish a direct relationship with their audiences, like never before.

The full range of monetisation models can be generally reduced to advertising-based (AVOD), subscription-based (SVOD), and transactional video-on-demand (TVOD). For the consumers, it's all video, and if it's worth paying for it, they will. Likewise, if they are happy to sit through targeted advertising – especially when relevant to the content they are watching or their general consumption habits – then they will do that too.

It’s all about the menu and choice, after all. For instance, a service may choose to show advertising to free users while premium subscribers can opt out of ads with a monthly subscription, and then additional premium content can be gated behind a further paywall. Sounds like it could get pretty complicated, doesn’t it? Well, there’s a reason we’re called Simplestream. We’ve been beavering away and can now cater for all of the above and delivered as an end to end or modular solution, it’s totally up to you.

Our Media Manager offers full control on the so called transactional tiers. This is what might be considered the most archetypal form of TVOD, which can be applied to on demand assets like movies, or even live events. The price and rental period can be defined by payment provider, platform, and/or country for each transaction tier. This grants full control over rights management, as well as the alteration of the price-points for different markets, where required.

Subscription packs control access to all of your content – from selected boxsets to your entire library of content or to groups of live channels and associated catch-up. Thematic packaging can be applied. Think of a sports package that allows end-users to access live football matches. Finally, transactional add-ons are non-digital add-ons to a transactional pack. This, for instance, may include physical products like books or t-shirts added to the offering, all from within the app.

Naturally, all these settings are fluid: new movies can premier as paid content and/or as a part of a premium content pack, and then get added to the free content after the movie has been released for a set period of time.