Product Feature – Syndication

Learn how our syndication capabilities, as part of our Media Manager, can help you to democratise the media landscape.

The digital revolution now well underway has had a major impact on the way consumers choose to watch content. Digital distribution has affected rather every single aspect of this ecosystem: from devices, to platforms, to providers. At Simplestream, we are part of this never-ending process, as we seamlessly dig the proverbial trenches of our backend infrastructure, loading the content muskets of OTT. 

Recently, we have been working on enhancing our Syndication capabilities, as part of our proprietary Media Manager, as we commit to provide our clients with all the advantages brought by technological advancement when it comes to digital distribution.

By using our backend powerhouse, Media Manager, we are able to ingest live streams. We can turn them into syndicated playlists of either an entire catalogue of content, or just a subset. We then distribute them to selected syndicated partners, and the distribution naturally includes content, imagery, and relevant metadata.

The real ace in the sleeve of our Syndication module is the ability to integrate this key piece of functionality with anyone. And distribute it, seamlessly, to any stakeholder. Think of content aggregators like Airtel, Comcast, Xumo, Pluto TV, Sling, and TV Player. We are an agnostic partner, and we make it possible even to non-App Platform clients, to syndicate their content to additional partners.

At Simplestream, through Syndication, we can offer both a B2B and a D2C approach, by using the same backend. We aim to help to further democratise the ever-evolving media landscape, together with the opportunity to work closely with content aggregators, and to provide a thorough video-on-demand service to dedicated audiences.