Product Feature – Syndication

March 8, 2021

The Digital Revolution has had a major impact on how consumers consume content, from device to platform to provider, there is little that digital distribution hasn’t affected. Simplestream has always been on the forefront of the digital revolution, digging the proverbial trenches on our back-end infrastructure and loading the content muskets of OTT. This is especially true of our recent with our work in Syndication as we double down on our commitment to utilising all of the advantages of digital distribution.

What am I babbling on about you might be asking? Well, it’s all a little technical which means it’s a little confusing but here we go. Using our back-end powerhouse, Media Manager, we are able to ingest Live Streams, turn them into syndicated playlists of either an entire catalogue of content or just a subset, and then distribute them to your desired syndicated partners, including content, imagery and metadata.

The best part of our syndication module is, we can integrate this key bit of software with anyone and then send it to anyone, from content aggregators such as Airtel, Comcast, Xumo, PlutoTV, Sling & TVPlayer. This is just part of our dedication to being an agnostic partner, so even non-App Platform customers are able to syndicate their content to partners.

Through this syndication work, Simplestream is now able to offer both a B2B strategy (syndication) and a D2C strategy (App Platform), all using the same powerhouse back-end. Helping to further democratise the new media landscape with the opportunity to work with content aggregators and to provide a VOD service for dedicated fans from those syndication deals.