Product Feature - PVOD

June 7, 2021

As the OTT market matures, at Simplestream we have found an increasing number of OTT content owners who are continuously looking to diversify their monetisation strategy are now adopting both a B2B and B2C strategy and adding a “premium” element to their services. With Disney and the FAANGS of the world trailblazing in this space, spending eyewatering amounts on original content, feeding the needs of an increasingly technologically adept audience, how can broadcasters and alike keep up?

Disney, as an example of a market leader embracing OTT, is now looking to supplement their cinema box office revenues with their OTT platforms by simultaneously offering their new releases as rentable films on their existing platforms . This has the added benefit of being highly targeted to their existing fanbase, as well as giving users a chance to enjoy the experience in their own way at home – maximising the revenue from a new release window that up to now has only been enjoyed by the cinema giants. This has been an especially important strategy as the world continue to recover from the coronavirus pandemic which has seen cinemas the world over in varying states of accessibility.

Premium VOD or PVOD is the shorthand for this monetisation strategy and is an additional revenue stream by separating out the standard back catalogue with some premium content carrying a high social currency and FOMO.  This can be used to generate a new source of revenue as is the case for Disney with new content or to syndicate content to partners, by offering them a revenue share based on the sale of their content.

At Simplestream we understand how important it is to tailor a monetisation strategy to your customer base, so we support the largest range of monetisation models possible, from AVOD & SVOD to TVOD, PVOD & subscription tiers which offer different ranges of content. Your payment strategy is just as important, so we support carrier billing as well as a number of payment processors who support all existing currencies for your global strategy.

If you’re interested in engaging your fanbase directly or you’re thinking of looking into changing up your monetisation strategy, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here.