Product Feature - Push Notifications

Learn about our Push Notifications enhancement for App Platform, a powerful marketing tool for your OTT service.

Going direct-to-consumer brings important benefits. It enhances additional distribution – and therefore monetisation – methods. But it also helps to forge a new direct relationship with selected audiences. In the older days of linear TV, the best chance of converting a viewer was to place content in a prime-time slot in the old “TV guide” tomes. Those forgotten items often tucked between the cushion seats of a sofa. Even with the more modern EPG, a slither of text cushioned between your competitors is barely communication, more information.

Single lines of rigid communication are now a thing of the past. The easy access to email, and the litany of social platforms, where consumers can speak directly to brands, made it imperative for brands to be able to keep up with the pace of modern communication.

Simplestream’s App Platform enable brands to engage in this high-level of communication. Our Push Notifications system allows you to speak directly to your engaged fanbase – those with the app downloaded – and to retarget them back into the app.

Push notifications can both serve as a valuable marketing tool and a method for reducing churn. Think of re-engaging users for pay-per-view live-events, by sending a push notification to remind them about the imminent kick-off. Or think of notifying a subscriber about a new season of their favourite show becoming available. These are just examples of several strong ways to bring your platform to the forefront of your viewers' minds. Furthermore, communicating new functionalities or newly launched devices – or even that a subscription is due to expire soon! – can be all it takes to get a consumer from the fence back onto your platform.

Customers' attention today is pulled in many different directions. Engaging with your audiences is an essential keystone activity for any OTT service, and push notification can become a key weapon in your modern communications arsenal.