Product Feature - Play Next

Keep your audience engaged, let them binge-watch episodic content and films, with smart, API-driven ‘play next’ functionality.

How do you keep your viewers glued to their screens when consuming content? Allowing video consumption to run seamlessly is critical to any service’s business success in today’s competitive landscape.

Play Next functionality – the latest product enhancement for our App Platform – increases content consumption on apps, and allows end-users to binge-watch content by simply auto playing what’s next after a short countdown.

Data analytics demonstrates that series-based content with play next, substantially increases average playtimes for VOD. Play Next is now available for series content, episodic content and movies, on multiple platforms, providing operators with an easy-to-navigate interface through Media Manager to implement the entire workflow.

Leverage an improved workflow, the Play Next API, to leave complete freedom in the hands of the operator, who will inform the decisions on what specific episode to play next, and at what point, as part of an iterative process.

A transparent background image with mock-ups of a mobile smartphone and a television visualising a Play Next screen at the end of a piece of video content.


  • Turn the functionality on and off across your OTT services with a simple toggle within Media Manager.
  • Set timecodes to ‘trigger’ the Play Next interface by leveraging your video items’ metadata.
  • Alternatively, set your timecode manually, or auto-generate it within the system, upon ingest.
  • Render the Play Next interface automatically at the bottom right of the player, with pre-set information such as season, episode number, title, etc.
  • Ability for the user to:
    a. Press ‘X’ and exit the player altogether
    b. Press ‘Cancel’ to continue watching content through its full length
    c. Trigger immediately the next episode by pressing the play button
    d. Do nothing, and let the player access the next piece of content automatically
  • Set the duration of the countdown timer dynamically through the backend.
  • Set rules to prompt selected content at the end of an episode or a movie, based on genres or sub-genres.

Audience engagement starts from your own video player. With Play Next, your end-users will be able to seamlessly consume their favourite programmes, series, and films, thanks to a flexible API.

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