Product Feature - Mosaic

Discover Mosaic, part of our Live Events module within Media Manager, to control all your streams, at a glance

Simplestream’s solutions include a Live Events module, which enables our customers to schedule events happening in real time. That’s the core feature that allows end-users to easily set reminders to watch content live, as the drama unfolds. 

Recently, we have been working with Channel 4 on the 2020 edition of the Paralympics held in Tokyo, a project that kept our engineering team busy monitoring over a dozen streams. The size of the project naturally presented a few challenges, as it would require a number of screens just to keep track of what was going on.

At Simplestream, we are always looking for new ways to improve our solutions, and we quickly developed our new Mosaic feature. As part of our Media Manager, it allows operators to monitor all of the existing streams running simultaneously, at a glance. This means that with a dashboard, any relevant team can instantly check the health of streams, with the ability to expand the view to full screen viewing, or to enable audio functionalities for a specific transmission.

The Mosaic feature includes plenty of useful functionalities. Think of a way to display event end notifications – based on the configured event start and end times – or automatic refreshes, once an event has finished. And again, identification badges, to show which encoders are being used, an aspect that becomes particularly helpful when using fully redundant services.

With Mosaic we were able to efficiently monitor the Paralympic games as the competition and its broadcast unfolded, across a shifting number of streams. As a result, we successfully delivered over 300+ events across a period of 12 days, both from the region and remotely.