Product Feature - Dynamic Tags

Discover the latest addition to Media Manager: Dynamic Tags give your audience a richer data-driven experience for content presentation.

How your content is presented in your applications can be as important as the content itself. You don’t want your audience falling victim to decision fatigue while looking for something to watch, or worse, not being able to find what they are looking for. Viewers, today, expect a premium experience from OTT services, with the bar being continually set and re-set by the biggest players in the industry. Delivering these expectations, by providing a rich and data-driven experience when it comes to content presentation, is a must.

At Simplestream, we constantly evolve and develop new features to innovate our suite of products. The latest addition to Media Manager is Dynamic Tags, the ideal way to seamlessly power the frontend presentation of your content. Let your viewers know about your recent releases and top content, easily. Tags can also be used to indicate the life span of a given content title on your platform, making practical applications such as compliance simpler matter. Think of an item displayed on the top carousel with the ‘Available until...’ subheading to help your users navigate the offering available on the platform.

Key Features

  • Flexibility: make your tags rule-based or manually apply them. 
  • Tag your content to appear how you would like in your applications, playlists showing your top 10, recently added titles, and much more.
  • Fully customisable tags make building thematic or seasonal playlists easy.
  • Show your audience how long a title has left on your platform (utilise an automated rule to check metadata, for example, 10 days left to watch.
  • Compliance is now easier, with dynamic tags surfacing data beyond level 1 in your applications, so you can show data beyond your homepage with tagged content

Getting your content to your audience should be simple, from management to distribution. Dynamic Tags can be used for a variety of applications, enriching your content offering with data-driven tags powering your content presentation. Whether you want to show a seasonal festive playlist automated by a rule-based tag, or you need to comply with content license agreements, with this Media Manager’s product enhancement you’ll have all it takes.