Product Feature - Download to Device

The Download to Device functionality allows users to download a spate of content when online and watch later.

The digital revolution introduced new devices, together with a range of new challenges. In a world where viewers can watch what they want when they want, not being able to consume content on the go due to connectivity issues feels like more of a hinderance than the old way of consuming media.

It goes without saying, then, that in environments that are not conducive to streaming content, consumers expect services to deliver an alternative. At Simplestream, we have worked to create a solution that allows users to consume their favourite content wherever they are. Think of your daily commute to and from work perhaps by using underground public transports. Or, again, of a flight to a holiday destination with no access to the internet.

Simplestream’s Download to Device functionality allows users to select shows, movies, podcasts, or any other kind of content and download it straight to their devices. The content is then stored locally and can be watched by a user at any time. Downloaded programmes can then be viewed any number of times, and then deleted. Content will also automatically 'expire' and disappear from the device of choice after 30 days, or when the license is no longer available. This applies, for instance, to content rented via TVOD models which comes with a set limit on the rental period.

This feature is not only appealing to consumers in the developed markets, but it's also a desirable feature for growing markets where connectivity may not currently be widespread. The Download to Device functionality allows users to download a spate of content when online, and then gives them the freedom to move around and consume that content when connectivity is no longer available.