Product Feature - App Analytics

Discover the latest addition to App Platform: App Analytics helps you see exactly how your users interact within your apps.

As a content distributor in the OTT space, being able to track every action and flow taken by your users, across all key touch points, is integral to business success. Especially when outside of the video player of your apps, on the users’ preferred devices.

Think about having the ability to see exactly how your users are interacting with your applications. Data, at this level, is an extremely powerful tool. From opening to closing, and everything in between. You can get as granular as seeing where an individual user accessed your content, how much they watched, whether they dropped out once an ad started playing, and more. These journeys are displayed by visually engaging and easy-to-understand pathways in your analytics dashboard.

This can help you understand how content placement on the home screen of your apps affects the consumption of your content. Do users look beyond the fold, or do they choose a title from the hero carousel? Are users dropping out of your app when attempting to find content using the search function?

App Analytics is the best-in-class real-time monitoring tool, now available as part of the pre-integrated set of data analytics functionalities included with App Platform, powered by NPAW. The module lets you understand end users’ behaviour and measure the UI changes, by tracking the entire user journey, in-app or on website, click-by-click, tap-by-tap. It helps content creators understand video consumption and app usage, including aspects such as user behaviour and the overall experience.

A screenshot of the main dashboard of the App Analytics tool, by Nice People At Work, as part of the suite of analytics tools provided by Simplestream

Key Features

  • Track begins at app open.
  • Highlight users’ behaviours when navigating the app.
  • Analyse usage by UI interaction. Find out how content presentation can affect user interaction.
  • Track user IDs at the session level for additional insight (if collected).
  • Highlight non-video sessions (unconverted), indicating churn risk.
  • Increase engagement rates pre- and post-video consumption.
  • Use formulas to build bespoke metrics and understand the ratios of events.
  • Use the funnels tool to investigate any event and compare them with your audience’s behaviour.

As maximising engagement and reducing user churn are key aspects for operators to focus on, App Analytics allows for a better understanding of the app ecosystem and provides meaningful insights on how video applications can be improved.

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