Partnerships to build upon your OTT or streaming service (without removing the foundations)

System integrators can help you refresh your OTT service and build upon your existing relationships, without unnecessarily removing the existing tech you may have in place.

If you thought about building your OTT or streaming service like renovating a house, you probably wouldn’t want a builder to come into the project and completely remove all the progress that you’ve already made, unless the previous builder subjected you to shoddy workmanship. You may already have a fantastic set of applications, but perhaps a content management system (CMS) that’s lacking in certain features you really need. When introducing this builder to your existing product, would you want them to pull up the foundations, taking the applications – the roof and walls of your OTT service – down with them as they do? This is exactly why your technology partner should be comfortable integrating with your existing technology stack, rather than completely rebuilding it from scratch, just because one element doesn’t work. The old adage of “if it isn’t broke” can be applied to your existing partnerships, especially if their products and solutions are serving you well.

Considerate construction 👷

Building your OTT service can be challenging, especially if you are looking to integrate functionality and products from different suppliers. For this to really succeed, you will need a technology partner that is a reliable constructor, with the ability to integrate their products alongside your existing tech suite. In the example provided earlier, where you may be content with your applications but not so with your CMS, integration is key. In that instance, you would require a flexible and modular CMS that can sit behind those applications and deliver your content reliably. This is exactly what Simplestream was able to provide for UKTV while packaging their video streams for live distribution across their UKTV Play service.

Smooth integration 🤝

Ever gone in for a handshake when the other person was going for a hug? You don’t want a similarly lumpy interaction between your existing tech solutions and the new ones you’re integrating with your OTT service. Downtime costs money – reportedly upwards of $200,000 an hour for some of the largest streaming service providers – not to mention the brand damage of disappointed customers. Therefore, this ‘handshake’ is important for your integrations to run smoothly, avoiding costly downtime. If you had an existing user database and platform with a website, but required applications for mobile that integrated with that user database – as our client Craftsy did – you’d need to know that the tech partner you work with can provide this. Avoiding disruption to your user base is key to providing the best experience for your customers.

Integrations that you choose 🎯

If your tech partner isn’t agnostic to the products and tools you want to use for your OTT service, it may be time to look elsewhere. You may have an idea about the products you want to use for your service, and although your tech partner may already have an equivalent existing integration, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to choose. Flexibility should be available to you, after all, it’s your customers that come first.

Tech with a track record ⏱

The most popular tech products and services are usually popular for good reason, and sometimes going for the ‘tried and tested’ makes sense for reliability. Simplestream integrates with several partners that have a great reputation in the OTT industry for their tech products – we run our own RFP processes, so you don’t have to!

We specialise in simplifying complex video workflows and app builds, using a combination of our world-class leading proprietary software, technical know-how, flexible can-do attitude, and integrations with best-of-breed third-party technical solutions so that you can get on and focus on your content for your customers.