PANEL - Faster than FAST

How do you make reusing your VOD content cheap, quick, and lucrative? Learn more from our Technical Director, Ashley Horne.

Our Technical Director, Ashley Horne, was on stage at the 2022 edition of NAB Show in Las Vegas, joining a prestigious lineup of speakers to discuss monetisation opportunities for content owners. In particular, the conversation unfolded around Free Ad-Supported Television (FAST) channels and the growing importance of this means to make the most of bottomless buckets of on demand content.

Here are the key talking points:

📺 FAST, in one word, is television. It entails linear distribution of content, and it’s growing at a remarkable pace mostly because it’s ‘free’. Simply put, it’s an alternative for the cord cutters.

⏯ Content under the spotlight. You have your content, and you want to monetise it in a way that’s also impactful for your end-users when it comes to consumption experience. You’re take your assets in, normalise it, schedule it. And the array of opportunities that opens before your eyes is seemingly endless.

🥳 FAST can be anything. Think of channels as, essentially, playlists that comprise of different pieces of content. Scalability is at arm length, and personalisation is the real driver to the future of content consumption experiences.

Watch the full recording of the panel below.