Case Study: PBS America

Learn about the project behind PBS America’s first UK catch up service on Freeview Play, powered by Simplestream.

A British free-to-air television channel, PBS America was launched in November 2011, consisting of content drawn from PBS Distribution’s catalogue. It features documentaries and history programmes from American Experience, FRONTLINE, and NOVA, as well as Ken Burns docu-films.

PBS America chose Simplestream to create the first UK on demand service, launching the PBS America player on Freeview Play, making it possible for viewers to enjoy award-winning content via the Explore Freeview Play interface, at Channel 100.

In this case study, we analyse:

  • How Simplestream deployed Media Manager as an orchestration layer, to provide a fully automated OTT content workflow
  • How App Platform was leveraged as a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box UIs and functionalities to aid content discovery, as well as best-in-class on demand content consumption for the end-user
  • The role of Simplestream as a preferred partner for Freeview Play to develop and deploy a dedicated app for Hybrid TV
  • How Simplestream enhanced PBS America's monetisation opportunities with SSAI and CSAI workflows

Learn more about a challenging project which led to the creation of a combined solution to support the broadcaster to deliver brand new content to over 10 million Freeview Play users across the UK.

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