Are video games shaping the future of streaming content?

Video games have been the blueprint for a lot of content available on our favourite OTT streaming platforms. This article dissects how this trend came about and explores what the future of video content looks like.

Fact: the convergence of video games and streaming content is revolutionising the entertainment industry. OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are taking cues from the gaming world to create engaging, interactive, and immersive content that captivates audiences, globally. Take The Last of Us, Angry Birds, Halo, and – more recently – Fallout as successful examples of how video game adaptations can have eyeballs stuck to TV (or phone) screens, globally.

The Rise of Game-Inspired Content

Video games have become a massive cultural force, influencing not just traditional media but also the streaming giants. This trend dates back to early efforts like the "Super Mario Bros." movie (which first hit the scene in 1985) and was one of the first video games to be turned into a film, paving the way for future game-inspired content. Its adaptation was so successful that in 2023 it passed $500 million globally, at the box office, making it the biggest video game adaptation ever.

Recent adaptations like "The Last of Us" and "Fallout" have continued this trend, demonstrating the powerful synergy between video games and streaming platforms. "The Last of Us" TV series, released in 2023, not only garnered critical acclaim but also reignited interest in the game itself, leading to a significant increase in game sales and player engagement across various consoles. Similarly, Amazon Prime's adaptation of "Fallout" has been met with positive reviews, boosting the game's visibility and attracting both new and returning players. These successful adaptations highlight how video game narratives can not only bring viewers to a streaming platform, but drive renewed interest in the original games that a series was based on in the first place.

Enter Interactive Storytelling: The Next Frontier

Interactive content was briefly seen as the keystone for the future of streaming, with video games serving as the blueprint. Netflix, for instance, explored innovative ways to engage viewers, offering choose-your-own-adventure experiences that mimic the interactivity of gaming. A prime example of this being "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" which was one of the first of its kind. Taking the concept of video game-based VOD content and titling it on its head to create an actual piece of streaming content that is, in fact a video game in its own right.

Ultimately, this ground-breaking experiment demonstrated the potential for deeply immersive viewing experiences, where audiences are not just passive consumers but active participants in the narrative, giving a glimpse of what ‘the next frontier’ of video game-based VOD content could look like.  

eSports and Live Streaming

The explosion of video game based streaming content has also triggered a boom in the eSports industry. Which can be seen through services like Twitch and YouTube which have amassed a massive audience for consumers eager to tune in to watch others share their live streaming gameplay. It doesn’t end here: there are even virtual championships, tournaments being created by influencers or game producers that quench users’ thirst for watching their favourite games being played.  

Four gamers focusing during a live gaming tournament.

As traditional streaming services are now incorporating live eSports events, tournaments, and gaming shows to attract younger demographics and diversify their content offerings.

OTT Platforms are Bridging the Gap with Gamification

After a short scroll on one of your favourite OTT platforms, you might have noticed the introduction of new widgets or categories that include aspects such as quizzes, Appstore game icons and viewer polls. Arguably, the addition of these elements has been rolled out in a bid to keep users glued to their screens, boost user engagement, and gamify the overall app experience.  

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Video games are not just a pastime; they're a powerful influence shaping the future of streaming content. As technology advances, we can expect more cross-platform experiences where the narrative of a game continues on a streaming platform, or vice versa. This synergy will provide seamless entertainment experiences, merging the best of both worlds for viewers far and wide.

OTT platforms such as Netflix alike have already embraced both the interactive and immersive elements of gaming and explore the capabilities of technology to enhance viewer experiences. But in the future, we should expect to see more platforms redefining entertainment either through gamification models or through good old video-game adaptations.