Powering a simplified content management system and content curation across a multi-device ecosystem for Little Dot Studios' Veely


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February 19, 2018

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Multiple content sources, one CMS

Owned by Little Dot Studios, Veely is home of a number of thematic channels with thousands of hours of live and on demand programmes, from real life and nature documentaries, to history, science, and family life.

With the objective of creating a one-stop-shop for viewers to a variety of types of content, Little Dot Studios chose Simplestream to deliver a content management solution, as well as multi-platform consumption experiences to their audience.


Content curation for a multi-device experience

Both live and on demand content are provided by an external source. Amagi provides on demand content through MRSS feeds with fully-CDNd URLs that include all the metadata needed for categorisation. On the other hand, live streams are provided with full HLS, multi-bitrate URLS. Simplestream takes the video sources at ingest point, in order to use the content across the applications of the Veely ecosystem.

Even though not hosting the content assets which are routinely drawn from the MRSS feeds, Media Manager optimises the management and curation of the Veely content. With no authentication required to access the applications, the workflow is kept relatively streamlined, with no need to pull multiple APIs. The existence of a dedicated feed per ‘brand’, within the Veely content offering, allows Simplestream to create a service that’s paired with that specific category.

App Platform provides the ideal framework for Little Dot Studios’ Veely to power its applications across web, iOS, tvOS, Android Mobile, Android TV, Fire TV, and Roku.

Finally, monetisation models are available for on demand distribution of content.


Thousands of hours of content, live and on demand

From the original idea of creating a dedicated app ‘per brand’, Little Dot Studios aggregated its variety of content brands under the roof of a single application.  

Veely provides a frictionless way to launch more new brands, with a flexible model to cross-pollinate audience members by consolidating content in one place. The user experience is enhanced by seamless curation of content categories and impactful feature carousels that make different categories easier to discover.