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How Simplestream helped National World to power the launch of Shots! TV channel in the cloud, with Channel Studio.




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August 1, 2023

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A virtual channel in the cloud

National World PLC is a leading UK multimedia company operating over 100 brands in the news, lifestyle, sport and business segments. It operates in website, app, newsletter, events and print formats, serving markets around the United Kingdom.

National World chose Simplestream as a technology partner to provide the core tech stack for the launch of Shots!, a new TV brand built by using the best topical content provided by a large network of journalists based in UK communities. The launch was aimed at supportingNational World’s strategy of creating exclusive, engaging content across multiple platforms.


Channel Studio and an integration with a third-party online video platform

Simplestream deployed Channel Studio, the proprietary product to create virtual channels in the cloud, with optional ad insertion. Shots! TV channel was built with a quick turnaround, allowing National World to utilise a brand-new Freeview channel slot. Channel Studio includes a channel assembler that allows the creation of virtual and FAST channels, with ad marker insertion to support server-side ad insertion (SSAI).

The agnostic approach taken for the development and the deployment of the tech stack is testament to the flexibility of the solution offered by Simplestream, which allows customers to adopt Channel Studio even when not licensing Simplestream’s video platform Media Manager for their video platform.

App Platform, Simplestream’s framework to power premium content on multiple platforms, was also utilised to build a fully functional and mobile-responsive video web portal, with support for server-side ad-insertion and client-side ad reporting, thanks to the integration with National World’s monetisation partner, Axiom.


A fast-to-market TV channel in the cloud

Simplestream helped National World to achieve an important, strategic move into the TV market. The platform, built on the solid foundation of Channel Studio, allowed the British multimedia company to provide the relevant audience with a source of content accessible on the devices of choice.

The fast and effective solution provided to the customer is also built on a tech stack that future-proofs further distribution channels for National World in the near future.