OTT Video Hosting: The critical role of content management

Over-the-top (OTT) video hosting is far more to explore than just streaming. In fact, effective content management stands as a crucial pillar to the entire process.

In today's digital landscape, content is king. It holds the power to influence mass opinions, captivate audiences, and even reshape your weekend plans with a binge-watching session. In fact, Netflix's 2023 bi-annual engagement report revealed a staggering statistic: globally, nearly 100 billion viewing hours were amassed on their platform, within just six months. How can other streaming services unlock the power to compel audiences with great content? Read on to find out.

🔑  Why effective content management is key

Picture your video library as a bustling metropolis, with content as the main attraction drawing crowds from far and wide. But, just like a city needs efficient management and transport infrastructure to keep traffic flowing and citizens happy, successful video hosting relies on effective content management. Without this, users on your platform may find it difficult to discover their preferred content, leading to frustration and potentially triggering churn. In fact, in the US alone, a third of SVOD users have expressed an interest in having an improved content discovery functionality, indicating their frustration with the efforts needed to access content across platforms.

Ultimately, failure to organise your content management is like asking viewers to navigate a maze with a poorly designed map, leaving viewers feeling lost and dissatisfied to the extent that they give up their quest for content on your platform. OTT video hosting requires a secure and flexible content management system (CMS), but that’s only one piece of the puzzle.

🧩 How to improve content management for OTT video hosting?

  • Metadata: acts as the backbone of effective content organization. It provides essential information about each piece of content, which helps to guide users to discover relevant material.
  • Search Filtering: allows users to refine their search based on preferences. Providing this option will allow viewers to streamline their search and reduce the frustration that comes with poor content discoverability.
  • Accurate Categories: allows users to easily locate the content they're interested in. Poor categorisation is a sure-fire way to irritate users and trigger churn across your platform.
  • Thumbnails & Previews: are like storefront displays that entice passers-by to step inside. High-resolution hero images and the availability of previews and trailers are integral to sparking initial interest, especially when viewers do not know what to watch.
  • Scalability: guarantees the durability and adaptability of your content management system, enabling it to evolve and grow seamlessly as your library and service does.

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