Maximising audience reach with engaging experiences – Part 2

The entertainment and sports industries dramatically changed shape in the past decade or so. Technological advancement and the way rights and content owners are trying to attract new audiences are at the core. Learn more with the second part of our mini-series .

In this mini-series, we focus on what we believe are the most relevant trending topics in the OTT and streaming landscape today. In a world where consumers are constantly bombarded with inputs and choices to consume their favourite content, it’s key for content and rights owners to think out of the box when it comes to designing the experiences that can glue viewers to their screen of choice.

In the first part of our series, we mentioned ‘love’ as one of the key ingredients - if you missed it, read it here. Simply put, operators need to think like their customers, what they actually love, and give them the experience they deserve to find the right market or product fit. Finally, we drew a parallel with what the OTT and streaming sector has learned from the gaming world. In this second part, we highlight the importance of data to propel personalisation, and what innovative technology might bring to the screen soon. Read on.

👩💻 Made to measure, personalised to enjoy, with the right marketing

Data has inevitably become one of the lead roles in the play of audience engagement. The changes in habits described so far have produced unprecedented amounts of data that content owners can now draw from. The level of personalisation in the user experience we can see today is far beyond what our imagination could predict even just half a decade ago. To the point that next-gen content forms are not exclusive to younger and digital-first generations but are naturally expanding to more mature viewers.

What about marketing? That’s another aspect to consider seriously. The way an OTT and streaming service is marketed has a natural impact on traction and therefore revenue generation. Fewer emails, more social media and video (TikTok above all): this seems to be the answer to being in the right place, at the right time.

👉 Recommended experiences

With the difficult times of the Covid-imposed lockdown now left behind, the sports sector is living a new renaissance. Again, personalisation has become key to elevating viewing experiences, not only with fans sitting on their couches at home, but also when on the go, and – most importantly – when present at the venue. The challenges of multi-device consumption are still being faced by content owners and distributors. Improving by reducing stream latency and providing the user with easy-to-navigate interfaces to dissect the event, and instantly re-watch the action as if they’re fully customised highlights.

What’s new, then? Well, data and personalisation are at the forefront of new tech being developed, especially when it comes to recommendations. It’s not just about what to watch next, or the following live event kicking off, it’s mostly recommendations about how to watch your next show. Highlighting your favourite camera, the portion of real-time stats made visible on screen, or the level of interactivity with other viewers. This is going to change the game, both behind the screen and at the arena.

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