Product Feature - VOD Syndication

May 10, 2021

If you’re having Déjà vu it may be because you read our previous piece on Simplestream’s simplified syndication workflow. That article focused primarily on our Live Event syndication ingest. While the workflow for VOD syndication is just as easy we thought it was important to highlight our market leading implementation of syndication for non-live services.

Why would a service want to syndicate? Well the answers are just as simple. By sharing content with aggregators services are able to unlock not just new revenue streams but entire new audiences, accessing previously locked markets by putting your content on the world stage. The process for this used to be tricky, and the number of content aggregators was small but with the advent of digital the explosion in content aggregators has necessitate a simplification of the syndication process.

We at Simplestream have worked hard to deliver the simplest workflow to allow anyone to integrate with our syndication module and turn a laborious process into a simple matter of a few clicks. By creating a playlist of content, be it your full catalogue or just a specific subset, you can now distribute them to your syndication partners, sending both the content, imagery and metadata.

This allows our syndication customers to quickly distribute their content to a number of aggregators, for example, Comcast, Xumo, Roku, TVPlayer & Rlaxx TV as a fully agnostic piece of software. Best of all, due to the modular nature of our powerhouse back-end, Media Manger, you can take advantage of our syndication module using your existing streaming API’s and MRSS feeds so if you already have your own back-end, Media Manager can sit on top of this as a piece of middleware and extend the reach.

If Syndication is a key concern of yours or you’d be interested in stepping into the limelight, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team here.