Product Feature - Regions & Localisation

February 22, 2021

One of the great advantages of the OTT revolution is the ability to expand beyond the confines of your home market. The upsides are obvious, with easy access to a larger, global, audience who are willing to not only pay for your new content but also an entire backlog of content that they may have never seen.

The App Platform makes unlocking this global audience simple but that doesn’t come without drawbacks, primarily rights issues, localisation and languages, fortunately the App Platform comes with built in functionality to help tackle these issues.

For a global service there is nothing worse than being forced to only present one language to an international audience, imagine showing ‘couch’ to a British audience, it doesn’t bear thinking. One of the App Platform’s modules is dedicated to localising languages per region, from German to French to Hindi, the App Platform supports a massive variety of languages.

This functionality extends to custom title-cards and carousels per language, making sure you’re putting your best foot forward in each region accommodating what is known as Glocalization, a term used to describe a product or service that is developed and distributed globally but is also adjusted to accommodate the user or consumer in a local market. The user can also set their own language options in the settings menu so that they can enjoy content in whatever setting they find most natural.

The second major functionality of our Region features helps to tackle legal concerns, exciting, I know. Most first party content is likely free for to do with as you please a lot of second party content may be region locked as part of a deal. This may involve only having distribution rights in Europe, or even more granular like just Iceland.

Fortunately, the App Platform has been designed with these potential scenarios in mind. Using the region modules, you can lock content to regions, so that it will never show outside allotted territories, including on carousels so important screen space isn’t taken up by content users can’t view in their region.

Going global is one of the great benefits of OTT but it can be a scary process for any company, especially when stepping into the digital realm for the first time, so we at Simplestream have been dedicated to making the process seamless so you can take full advantage of the digital revolution.