Product Feature - Live Events

August 13, 2021

by Editorial Staff

It’s the summer of sport, and the world is now getting ready to watch the Paralympic Games. We thought now would be a good time to discuss how Simplestream’s App Platform Live Events module enables our customers to provide a best-in-class experience for fans.

How does it work? The Live Events module is powered by Simplestream’s Media Manager. By creating an event in Media Manager, operators can now schedule an event with a custom image, a start time, an end time, as well asthe stream feed. Alternatively, it’s possible to automate  the entire process by ingesting from elsewhere. This information then populates an event in the App Platform’s Live Events page, where users can set up reminders, receive notifications as the event unfolds and get a pay-per-view access to it.

What are the advantages of the Live Events module? By providing a single page with all of your upcoming live events, users of your platform can access all the relevant information in one place. Think of general details, but also notifications about the starting time, all in an easy-to-navigate system. 

Additionally, the Live Events module integrates well with other Media Manager functionalities, such as Live-2-VOD, which automatically generates on-demand assets of the event, mere moments after broadcast.

And, of course, our Live Streams themselves, the module that includes cloud based encoding, low latency streaming and optional DRM which can gate content off from territories where required.

Interested in finding out how the Live Events module can help you to provide best-in-class live experiences to your fans? ➡️  Get in touch here.